Monday, February 20, 2012

Shake it off!!

Well it's time to shake off feeling sorry for myself and move on.
It's time I take some of my own advise:

So I got up, kicked myself in the behind, and got to work.

Remember that unfinished painting....

Well she is no longer "unfinished", take a look

And again taking a little of my own advise...

So with all that said I started a new painting
here's a peek.

She's my "wishing for spring", she's not finished,
 but is off to a good start.
I think that's what life is all about,
"being off to a good start".
That's how I need to look at each day, 
one day at time, 
"being off to a good start".
So with all that said, 
I'm off to start some more 
I'll be back to share in a while.
Have a great 

Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on!!


Loretta said...

And what a great start it is! I love both of them. Hang can only get better!

Diana said...

You go girl! Shake off those seeds of self doubt and go chase your dreams. I'm going to do it too.

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