Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A little catching up....

Well its been a crazy month so lets do a little catching up!!
I just got back from visiting with my sweet little Oregon family.
I just had to make the trip to see that amazing little grandson of mine.

There he is with his brand new set of wheels.
It was the perfect birthday present for my Baby Jax, he just turned two.
I got to visit with my girls,

and bonus for me, I brought my baby girl home with me.
That's right my daughter, Alexandrea has moved back to Utah!!
It's so great having her back home, 
now I just need to get the rest of them back home.

On a more creative front I have been working on a little quilting project.
I thought I'd try to make a quilt with a few of my little girlie's.

I also decided to throw in a few hearts,

as well as a couple of flowers,

add a birdie or two, 
throw in a few more scrapes, put it all together..

when completely finished the quilt measures 53"x 60"
I love rag quilting, it helps me use up all my odds size fabric scrapes.

It's been a busy month of travel and family time, and I've
loved every minute of it!!!
With the weather being so agreeable here in Utah, I've started working 
on my 1967 Ideal camp trailer again.
I'll get some updated pictures real soon.

I think for now I need to just sit back for a minute and catch my breath.
Sometimes its hard to just stop and smell the flowers, 
but it is important for our souls.
Much love and peace to you and yours!!!!