Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Handling criticism...

Well I'll give it to you straight, I don't think I handle
criticism of my work to well.

Today a good friend of mine contacted me with the following e-mail:


See comments below. Mark the "Friend" art director showed your work around'
to a number of people. 

They made comments.

Mixed reviews, but reading it I was more encourages for you that not.

The comments about eyes, etc, are helpful if you decided to modify
your technique somewhat to fit them.

I think they could use you sometime, but it is a constant effort to "sell" them, so
if you want, put them on a follow yup in 2 months with something new.

I also think we could send you to the New Era. 

I'll do that next, by calling my friend Brent and let you know what he says.

Scott, I sent Debbie's blog link around. Here are the comments from the staff (editors and designers):

It's a bit Frida Kahlo-esque for me.

The bright colors and whimsical feel would probably catch the eye of our readers, but I don't think this would fit in with the type of art that kids expect (and love) from our magazine. Specifically, the intentional distortions in the facial features that characterize this art create a tone that is attention-grabbing, but not comforting. It seems like some of the feedback we've received about our art indicates that children like the more realistic art that reflects an idealized version of a familiar life.

That being said, if we tried it anywhere I think it would have to be for the tween section. I can see some older girls really liking it.

I'm not a fan.

I like everything about it except the faces. 

I like the general look of the art but there are some things that bother me like the eyes being to big and too high on the forehead. Those flaws make the work somewhat unappealing to me. But I bet she would take art direction and the problem could be ameliorated.

It's bright and fun, but I don't think it has the right feel for the Friend.

Scott, I think Debbie's work would resonate more with the young-to-mid teens. It might work in the Friend for the right project. Have her email me when she posts new stuff to her site and we'll keep her in mind.

Thanks, hope this helps.


Although the reviews were not to harsh, I have to admit they 
stung a bit.  
It took a lot of courage for me to start showing my work, 
and when I did I was rewarded with such great feedback.
That rewarding feedback is what kept me going, kept me creating.  
It fed my confidence and strengthened my resolve to continue, 
to seek out my dream of being and ARTIST.

The timing of this review is just amazing.  
I have been participating in the e-course:


created by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls.

We are starting our second week and the course so far has been 
Today we talked about our 
Who do you want to do business with?
Who do you want your customers to be?

Well in order to understand "WHO" we want to connect with, we need 
to connect with ourselves.
I love this idea and concept, so when I got the above mentioned e-mail from
my friend, I immediately started to ask myself the above questions.
 In doing this I knew instantly these people were not my 
They were not who I wanted to do business with, they didn't get me.
I want my work to be joyful, happy and express a positive message.
And I want my "WHO", to be those kind of people who also
want to be joyful, happy and positive.
I want to watch my "WHO" look at my ART, 
and then watch the SMILE that slowly spreads across
their face, because it has touched their soul.

So with all that being said I returned the following e-mail reply:

Hello Scott,

Thanks for giving it a try with the "Friend".  At this time I have to say that I like my art just the way it is.  Although I appreciate the feed back, I find that these types of comments only strengthen my reserve to "stay true to me."
I do so very much appreciate your enthusiasm and generosity in trying to help me.  If you would like to send it off Brent, I would not be apposed.

Thanks again!!!!

After I sent this reply I felt so empowered!!
Like it was "OK",
I have the right to voice my opinion, on how much I 
love and enjoy my work!!
I love every last funny looking face, and oversized eyes that grace 
my canvases.
Now I truly understand the coined phrase:
"Art is in the eye of the beholder"
With that said, I'll tell you I like what I am beholding!!!

Dear sweet friends thanks so much for listening to my rantings.
And thank you even more for your sweet friendship!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things are happening over here!!!

Boy oh Boy,
I've got the creative fever!!

Just look at this commissioned painting,

My dear sweet friend of many years contacted me on Sunday and this is the finished 
product on Monday!!
The painting is for her daughters 16th birthday.
I had so much fun painting this little girlie, 
that I just could not stop.
It all came along very quickly,

second a little drizzling and a sketch

next a little more paint

just waiting for a smile and some pretty eyes

I just don't know what has gotten into me!!
It feels GREAT!!
This little girlie will be delivered in February, 
and I'm working on a second one for her other daughter.
That one is not due till May but I'm already 
half way done.
(I'll share that one with you another day)

I am loving this creative little beast that has taken over my creative soul.
I have missed her!!

Maybe it's because of the e-course that I have been waiting
for has finally started.
The course is called:

"Hello Soul, Hello Business"

What an amazing course!!
I'm only two days into it and I have already seen big changes.
Changes in my Soul, 
and in my Creative Spirit!!

I thought I had lost my little creative spirit,
But she was there along, just waiting for me 
to remember the, 
"Why and the What"
all this creating is about!!!

This is how I always want to feel, 
just to GROOVY, for words.
I need to  remember to let myself out to play,
to wander, question and grow.

It's OK to be happy and enjoy life.
It's OK to be all that you dreamed you could be!!

That's my wish to you my friends!!
Now run along and play!!


Friday, January 13, 2012


Well here she is my girlie with her red balloon!!

And I'm here to tell you she did not come easy.

She stated out as and idea.  
I wanted to paint red balloon.
I had a picture in my mind and tried to put it down on paper, 
and this is what I came up with...

Hated It!!
No matter how I tried I just could not find any love for this little girlie.
I gave her a whole week to grow on me and still, nothing!
So I got my tub of spackling out and made her go away.

Although she was gone my vision of a red balloon wasn't.
So I started again.

I drizzled some paint and sketched an outline.
My girlie began to emerge pretty quickly after that.

I liked where this painting was going, so much so I went outside and gave her a 
coat of spray sealant.
But no sooner had I started to spray, than the previous painting outline started bleeding through.
This was quite aggravating as well as exciting for me.
First off I was aggravated, because the marker I used to outline my first painting was 
bleeding right though.
But secondly I was thrilled, because I finally found a marker worth the money I spent for it!!

The bleed through was right in the middle of my girlie's face.  
So I got my gesso out and painted over the whole face.  
As soon as that dried I started over with a fresh coat of flesh tone.
The gesso did the trick, no bleeding marker, it was all gone.
But once I started putting on the finishing touches of blush to the cheeks, 
something else happened.

I started to get streaking, blotching and uneven color.
So I took out my sand paper, sanded down the ridges and grooves left 
by the gesso and started over again.

It took me three tries to get this far. 
 I had to keep sanding those ridges,
 (note to self always sand gesso before you start painting)

Finally got an even skin tone, yea!!
All that was needed was some lips and freckles.

And there you have it the final product!!!

Although she was a lot of work and very aggravating at times, 
I do have to say that I am very happy with her!
It's funny how this one little painting can mimic life.  

I began to look back over a few of my other paintings, 
and realized this little girlie disaster was not my first.
There was this one...

It was the eyes, I couldn't get past those alien eyes, and that freaky looking lamb.
So I tuned her into...

This transformation also made me very happy!!

So I guess the motto to my story is:
Stick with it, keep trying, step back take a deep breath,
then get right back in there and create!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little of this and that.

I've been feeling a little restless with my painting lately, 

Sometime I have to just walk away when I'm not feeling it and try something
Like sewing.
I have always had a passion for sewing.
So I whipped up a couple of wall hangings.

I liked the look of my "free heart" painting so much,  I thought I'd give it a try in fabric
and free motion sewing.

This wall hanging I call simply,
Again free motion sewing with my machine.
After I finished my wall hangings I got to thinking, maybe these hangers 
would make cute throw pillows.
With that in mind I tried out some more sewing.
I came up with four pillow cases that will be getting pillow fillers 
and button closures tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know after all this I still feel like something is just not clicking with me?
I guess that's just part of life in general.
We can't always be on stage, playing out our part, 
sometimes we just need to sit in the audience and enjoy life's performance.
Well I better get going I'm on in five,
dinner time!!
Thanks for letting me share my ramblings, it's very therapeutic!!
Remember to share your greatness with others!!
Much love!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Feel the ENERGY!!

I have to tell you that I am just a buzz with ENERGY!!
I love the feel of a clean slate and fresh new start!!!

The world is my oyster and I am that shinny little pearl, destine for 

That is my word for 2012

I think we all have greatness in us that we don't even know about.  
That we have not even begun to tap into.
I want to take the time and opportunity this year to discover my greatness.
I want each stroke of my paintbrush to convey a heartfelt message.

I want to world to know that I am a TREASURE, and that I have much to share.

I want to DARE to be all that I can be!!

I want to feel the wind in my hair, maybe even a bug or two in my teeth.

I want to make all my dreams and wishes come true!!

I want to set my goals high because I can achieve anything I put my mind, heart and soul too.

So my dear friends take a minute to find your joy and share it!!
Let possibilities fill your hearts..
adventure stir your souls!!