Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surround yourself with greatness

Wow, talk about being in the company of greatness.  You all need to meet Susie of she is amazing.  I am very new to the blogging game and man is it addictive, and fun.  It gives you an opportunity to meet some of the funnest people without ever leaving the farm.(sort a speak)  Susie is on a road trip right now, on her way to Texas, to one heck of a yard sale.  Stories of her journey have been great along with the pictures.  You wont be disappointed, she's well worth taking the time to get to know.

I also came across a sweet site regarding chickens of all things and more, you just got a go check out this chicken coop

Going to these blogs and getting to know these ladies and their community makes me feel like I'm part of the gang. 
A group of women with the same likes and passions for life.  Their stories can make you laugh, some can make you cry but that's the joy of it, they make you feel.  I can only hope that one day my blog can compare, thanks ladies and keep it up.

I have been doing a little creating on the side lately, just enough to keep me out of touble.  I painted up one little girl and can't come up with a caption to put with her, I'm open to sujestions.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just how much love can one HEART hold?

Just how much love can one heart hold?  I ask myself this question not knowing if I will ever know the answer, not sure that I want to know the answer.
I was at a group meeting last night with friends and neighbors and they began to ask me about my new grandson, Jackson.

Well as you might imagine my eyes lit up and I began to gush.  I proceeded to let them all know that he was better than a new puppy and I can't stop kissing him.  It's true, I'm one hundred percent over the moon about the little guy.  I'm like a junkie, I have to have my Jackson fix every day.  My daughter has been given instructions on the days that I am not able to see him personally, she is to send me a picture on my phone. 
It's not often I don't see him every day, he's only three blocks away, yes that right three blocks.  Some days I walk those three block just to see him sleeping.  It's amazing to look at him and know he is perfect in every way, fresh and full of wonder.  He has his whole life in front of him.  I can't help but wonder what kind of boy will he be,  will he be kind and sharing?  What kind of man will he be, will he be strong and giving.  At the same time I ache for the sorrows that I know this life holds for all of us, but I smile with the thought of all the joys to come as well.  I never really knew my grandmothers when I was young, one passed before I was even thought of and the other just before I turned four.  I remember little bits and pieces about her and wish I had more, but cherish what I do have.  I wonder was her heart bursting at the seams.  For I only have one grand child and I can hardly contain that love, she had five when she passed. 

Ah love, it is an amazing thing, as well is the heart.  I'm glad to know the heart is ever changing, every growing, making room for more love, what a beautiful gift that is to have.  I think that's why I love the Grinch so much, he learned that his heart could grown 10,000 times it's size, and all because of the love of one Cindy Lou Hoo. 

Boy can you just imagine the size of the Lords heart with all the love he has for us, golly for just me alone my blessings have been without number.  I am truly grateful not to know, "just how much love one heart can hold" because that gives me a life time of trying to find out.  May you to have those same blessings.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello, my name is Debbie.

You know sometime in life we just assume to many things.  For example, it was just brought to my attention that my name did not appear anywhere on my blog. 

What a crack up, I guess I just assumed now that I have a blog I am famous, and a household name.  Well not true, although I am a household name in my own home and famous in my own mind. 

The other day I was searching for some jewelry supplies and artist and I came across this great blog: .  The creator of this blog is named Diane and she is an amazing artist.  After reading and viewing her blog I was hooked and became a follower. 
And that's how it was brought to my attention that my name did not appear on my blog. 

Diane went to my blog to introduce her self and get to know me.  But when she got there she could not find my name any where.  Diane, left me a lovely comment as well as the no name information. 
Well for that reason alone she will be forever my BBFF (best blog friend forever).
That she notice that my name was not there means that she did read my blog and she did care.  Wow how great is that when someone takes a real interest in what you've got to say or what your thinking. 

I encourage all of my six followers and any other blogger's that might be browsing my blog to head over and check out Diane's blog, you wont be disappointed.

Much love to you all!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've been busy, take a look!!:)

I find that creating keeps me out of trouble, so my family doesn't need to worry about posting my bail.   It also keeps me from going insane, not to mention the $$$ saved on a shrink.

My advice to you is to "CREATE", anything at all!!  Just open up your mind to new ideas and adventures.  Don't let today be just like yesterday, get out there and create your own destiny. 

I believe there is an artist in all of us.  No matter what your skill or talent,give yourself the opportunity to let your soul speak.  Give way to the silly child inside of you that you may be suppressing. 

Its OK to just let go sometimes and roll with it.  Take time today to do something new and spontaneous.  Run through the sprinklers like a child again or with your children.  Play hopscotch, jump rope, make up a story, write a song better yet sing a song.  Sing it out loud for all to hear, to enjoy and to even laugh at. 

Find your passion, your interest and seek to enrich your life, and you will soon find that you are not only enriching your life but also the lives of those around you.

Get out there have a great day, make someone elses day great.