Monday, July 26, 2010

Here it comes, ready or not!!

That's right the big "4" "5" will be upon me soon, on July 28th to be exact. Yup you guessed it, I'll be 45 on Wednesday.(Yea I think)

I don't quite know what to think of 45, I've been 44 for so long I was just getting use to that age. Oh well time marches on, with crows feet.

My family keeps asking what I want for my birthday, and all I can think is that I have all that I want, a happy family, a healthy grandson and an amazing husband. What more can a girl ask for?

I have received so many gifts and blessing in my life, that my cup run-ith over and I am happy for it. I know none of it was my doing or I would have messed the whole thing up, it was all the Lord's doing. He always knew that he had his job cut out for him with me. I'm just grateful that he never gave up on me or got tired of trying.

I guess that is the message that I want to touch on: Never give up, never stop trying.

I know how it is some days its all you can do to get out of bed,......but you do!

You just have to know that tomorrow is another day and if you can just get through today its bound to be better, how could it not. The sun will come out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow will be .... (or something like that)

What your tomorrow is, is completely up to you and what you want to make of it. Make it filled with creativity and joy. Go out and paint something, sew something, write a poem, tell a child a story, interview yourself in the mirror like your Barbara Walters, that's a fun one, you just might learn something.

That's how I want to approach my 45th birthday, I want to continue to create an amazing life full of love and laughter, joys and even some sorrows to keep me humble and grateful.
And last but not least I plan on going out and doing a cartwheel in my front yard, just because I still can (I think).

Monday, July 19, 2010


It's been a inspired weekend for me. I celebrated my oldest daughters 24th birthday.

Days like that really help put things in to perspective. It makes you take a minute to reflect. It's funny that when looking back you only remember the joy and happiness of bringing that beautiful baby home. Nine gruelling months and 8 hours of labor take a backseat to all the wonder that your new bundle of joy has brought into your life. And even more amazing is how much joy and wonder that little child continues to bring. For my little gift has blessed us with a gift of her own, little Jackson.

And lucky for me I was blessed with three children, so I know I have much more joy to look forward to, and I can't wait.
The whole cycle of life is inspiring to me, its never ending and forever filling your days with happiness and adventure. Theres not one moment that I would go back and change, unless it was to tell them all how much I love them even more.
Might I advise that in our daily routine of fast pace activities and hectic work schedules we never forget to take the time to show our love and appreciation for those that we love and admire. In all my limited 24 years of raising this family, it has always been imperative to teach my children how to show love and appreciation for all that they have and all those who they know.
I'm also lucky enough to have a wonderful husband to help me, and that will also be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this August. (That will be another day of perspective and reflection I'm sure.)

All this reflection also helped to inspire me artistically and I was able to finish up to projects I was working on:

Well I guess thats enough of my ramblings for the day, but I would like to leave with this parting message: Remember to take hold of every day like it is the first and could be the last. Never miss an opportunity to be giving and helpful and always say "I Love You".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Remember when"

I was going through some old photo's today and found some pictures of my cute little house.

These are before and after photo's, we moved into our home in 1996, our children ages were 6,8,10.

I just knew the first time I laid eyes on this little fixer upper that I had to have it.

Wow what a difference. Its amazing how a lot of love and hard work can change a house into a home. I have spent the best years of my life in this home raising our children and building our family. There's not one sore back or sleepless night I would change. This home we have changed and built up has also changed us and built us up.

Time really flies when your having fun, now our children are 24,22,20 and our oldest daughter and her husband just blessed us with a grand son, yes at the age of 44 I am a grandma and loving every minute of it. I cant get enough, would you just look at those cheeks.

The one thing I have learned from this adventure is that, it takes a family to make a home not matter where you are and it takes a lot of love and hard work to make a family.

So when you close your eyes tonight, take a minute to picture all that you have built and give thanks.

Thanks to all of my neighbors, friends and family members for giving me everything I have every wanted and more. Just keep it coming.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"I AM"

Well I have put it off for as long as I can, it is now time to come out into the light, time to open up and share with you all my dreams and wishes.

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be an Artist. But I knew that dream would not be an achievable one for me, why you might ask? Because I can't draw, unlike my sister and mother and other close family members who draw beautifully. I have trouble staying in the lines of the average coloring book.

So who was I to think I could be so bold as to want to be an artist. Well I'll tell you who! I am my fathers little "tootsie roll" his little brown eyed girl with ratty hair and bear feet running from the closest brush or comb. That's right I am stubborn and persistent and always want my way. Just ask any of my siblings or my husband and children.

So I want to be an artist and I'm saying it out loud for all the world to hear and I'm putting my scribbles out there as well for all the world to see. I guess this is my own twelve step program for Artist Anonymous.
The first step is admitting you have a dream. The second step understanding that art comes in many shapes and sizes, and understanding that we are all artists of one kind or another. We need to look around us and see all that we have created, even if its as simple (or difficult in my case) as reading a recipe and creating a new dish. Or what about the artistic way you iron or fold your families clothes or the way you painted up your toe nails and finger nails.

The truth be told just waking up and starting your day makes everyone of us an ARTIST, by definition:

art-ist: 1. one who is skilled in any of the fine arts 2. one who does anything very well 3. a professional in any of the performing arts

Who knew all these years I have been thinking I was not good enough and come to find out that by definition, I am an artist. I am skilled in the fine are of caring for my children, helping them become good people. And lets not forget the performing arts of taking off where his mother left off and raising a good husband. And the one thing that I do real well is LOVE and LAUGH and CARE.

So if I take a moment and look around me at all of my projects all of my works of art, I can truly say I am an ARTIST, I am the Lords apprentice, and loving every minute of it and for that I am grateful.

I dedicate this post to my Dad, even though he is no longer with us I always carry him in my heart and I know we will be together again. Thanks for believing in me, dad.