Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You can "Quote Me" on that!!!--Giveaway!!!

I have always consider myself a collector of words.  I have a special file where I keep all my favorite quotes.  Every where I go I look for quotes, little sayings or words of advise that inspire me.

My latest little painting was inspired by an altered quote, "If the shoe fits, then wear it", well I liked the idea that
 "if the wings fit, wear them".

Sweet sayings or quotes have been the starting point of many of my paintings.  I hear a quote and it inspires a vision in my head, that I just have to bring to life with paint.

I've found many quotes or saying in the strangest places, like a fortune cookie, I really liked this one!

One of the first paintings I ever did was based of a quote by Elenore Roosevelt.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

another one of her quotes that I just adore is this one:
I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.
Eleanor Roosevelt
(I haven't been able to put that one on a canvas)

I just finished another painting, again with a small, but moving phrase.
"just breath"

I used old watch faces for my bubbles, it just felt right to me.

Thanks again,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My new Jewelry Studio!!!

Well some of you may remember awhile back when I was participating in "Where bloggers Create"
It was such a great experience and I had the opportunity to peek inside the creative spaces of so many wonderful artist.

During this time of blog hopping I expressed on my own blog just how much I would love to turn my small garden shed into a creative space.

Well with all of your encouragement and my sweet husbands helping hands, I did just that.  I haven't been able to work on my jewelry for sometime now because I had no place to safely set up my work station, until now that is.  I can't wait to get back to creating lovely wearable works for art.

Come on in and I'll give you a peek at what I had to work with and how it all turned out.  Keep in mind I started with a tight budget of no more than $100.00 from start to finish.  So with this budget and some creative thinking it all started to come together.

This is  what I had to work with, a great structure that just needed a little dolling up.
So once again after some sweet talking I got my husband to go and and buy some insulation for me and together we cut and stapled and got it insulated.
Oh just so I don't forget to mention there was already  power to the shed, again thanks to my wonderful Electrical Contractor husband.  But of course I would have to have him move the lighting and add a couple outlets.
So once the insulation, lighting and outlets were all in it was time to get down to decor.
I wanted sheet rock, wallpaper and paint but it was not in the budget.  So I had to get creative because I was not going be staring at insulation covered walls.
Again I wanted wallpaper but the budget thing got in the way so I had another idea, "FABRIC".  I have a great fabric store that I just love and it sells $2.00 a yard Home Fashion Fabrics.  So with $40.00 in my hot little had I headed out.
I was thrilled when I came across a great piece of fabric with a pattern that reminded me of vintage wallpaper, I also found a nice soft blue fabric for the ceiling.
I went straight home asked my husband to grab his staple gun and come running.
Together we  covered all the wall and ceiling!!

After putting up the fabric, I had my honey try to wire up an old vintage light fixture that I had, but the fixture was just to "vintage" and only half of it wanted to light up.  It was obvious that I needed a new light  fixture and it was not in the budget.  But then I remembered some Home Depot credit I had for some returns a while back, this was a nice little surprise.
With the credit I was able to purchase a sweet little fan light that gave off great light as well as a nice breeze.

With the lighting in place I was ready to accessorize, I dug into my extra furniture storage and came up with some great finds.
I added a nice vintage mirror, a wicker chair some tables and a couple of lamps, my favorite Robert Duncan painting, a shelf, a boom box/CD player, a space heater(for winter) and I was in business.
I also remembered some curtains that I had up in the linen closet and some old curtain hardware I was saving for a "just in case" moment like this.
All of the above things had been stored in my husbands garage, I can't tell you how many times I had to save them from the Good Will pile.
I'm always telling him, "there is a method to my madness, just watch and see".  Well he was more than impressed with my madness as well as happy to gain the extra space in his garage.

I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be able to unpack all my jewelry making tools, beads, wire and metal.
I hope to send may productive hours in my little sanctuary listening to all my favorite CD's and pounding out some great jewelry.
Thanks for coming by for a visit, feel free to drop by anytime!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to get a little crazy with LOVE!!!

I don't know about you guys but sometimes you just have to cut loose and enjoy life the way you want. 

While I was kicking back and enjoying life my way, that includes a ham & cheese sandwich with chips on the side and a ice cold Coke, I  stared to think about the things that I love.  So that is the goal of my blog today, sharing the things that I love with you hoping it just might get you to thinking about all that you love as well.

I love,
 my sweet little baby Jax.  I just returned from visiting him in Oregon and we had a great time, we went   to the Portland Market and came across a great street band,  Jax couldn't help but dance along.  People on the street came over just to watch him dance as well, so I guess he thought he was entitled to some of that green in the guitar case!!

That little guy makes me crazy with love!!!

I love,
 riding down the high way on the back of the Harley with my honey, the wind blowing in my hair and the sun shining on my face.

I love,
how the freeway medium and the road side is chuck full of blooming sunflowers all of them smiling back at me as they sway in the breeze.

I love,
 the sight and sound of freedom, as a set of F-16 cut through the sky high above Hill Air Force Base.

I love,
 my children and all the happiness that they bring me!!
I love,
that crazy fish loving son-in-law of mine.

And let me just add that amazing husband of mine to my list of all that
 I love.
No matter what after 26 years he still makes me laugh!!!

I love,
 hot apple pie just waiting for a nice cold scoop of ice cream.

I love,
 this song and video, it just calls to the bad girl in me!!!

 Pistol Annies, they make me smile!!!
check out the video at the link below:

I tell you I could go on forever with all the things that I love,  and that is what 
the most!!!

Remember to take stock of all that you love and tell them.

Hell on Heels, video at the link below:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying to catch up with myself...

Wow it has been a busy few weeks around here, I just finished up four Saturdays at Holladay Harvest Festival.  The festival was a great success,  I had a blast, met some great people and the response to my work was so cool.  It's great to hear compliments on my work and such positive feed back, it makes me realize that all my time was not wasted.  I came up with a couple more originals for the festival.

This is one of my fav's I call it "her airstream", I love the clothes line and the wine.  It was a big hit and I have the original for sale at my Etsy Shop.

This little pixie makes me smile, I love her eyes and her smile.  This original is also for sale at my Etsy Shop.

Drop by and take a peek, I have listed several additional originals for sale.

With the festival over and a little free time on my hands I headed out to Oregon to see my sweet little grandson.   My husband and I, jumped on the Harley and did the 845 mile drive in one day(I was missing my baby Jax pretty bad)

No matter how many times I go to Oregon it gets more and more beautiful.  We had a great time fishing and going to the beach and nothing makes it better than Jackson.
 I love the fresh air down by the beach and how the mist that fills the air covers your face with  salty kisses.

The Oregon countryside is just as beautiful with all the vineyards and acres -n- acres of farm land and of course, BARNS!!!

And then there was this little beauty, boy the stories she could tale!!!  

She sites on a little over a 1/4 acre on the corner lot of a small town called Independence Oregon.  Although she looks like she's on her last leg that's OK.  She is surrounded by wild black berry bushes, a small detached garage and a small green house that would make an amazing art studio.  All of this for just $80,000.00  that's right she's for sale.  I tell you what, my husband is luck she wouldn't fit in the Harley saddle bags or I would have taken her.

But all to soon I had to leave and head back to Utah.  Going home was a slower ride and we broke the 845 miles in to two days.  Now back at home the garden is giving me the stink eye for all of my neglect.
Well I best get going the garden is calling and it's not going to weed its self.

Thanks for dropping by and sending some of valuable time with me and my wonderings.