Thursday, June 4, 2015

Feeling INSPIRED!!!!

Dear friends,

I know it's been awhile since I've updated my blog, so why is today any different from yesterday or days past.
 Well I'll tell you....
I have been,


That's right I was browsing through Pinterest (so addictive) and I came across an artist who's work just jumped off the screen and shook me!!

I'm sure you may have heard of her before and seen her work. 
 I don't know why I haven't seen her work before today, but I sure needed this encounter.

You may be asking yourself just who this amazing artist is, well please let me introduce, 


You can find all her work at:

So let me give you all just a little background on just how I found myself  and why I've been silent for so long.

Some of you may or may not know that I have had some big changes in my life lately.  
One of the biggest being that I have moved to North Dakota!!  
Yes you heard me right, 
North Dakota,
 Williston  North Dakota to be more exact.
I'm in the Bakken living in a fifth-wheel 

with my Honey.

and Mr.Tank!

It doesn't  get more real than that!!!

I never realized just how spoiled I was to have a full size studio in my home in Utah.  But now that my creative space has been drastically reduced to a small fifth wheel camp table, I now have a whole new appreciation of creative space.
The "What's", the "How's and the "Whys" of my relocation has everything to do with
 goal setting and realization of those goals.
  Some of those goals are as follows:

I want to be as close to a debt free life as possible.

I want a nest egg, for retirement.

And dang it I want the
 Victorian Home with the picket fence,
 somewhere in Oregon will do just fine.

This one happens to be in Coquille, Oregon
and it just happens to be for sale!!!
 this Victorian Beauty could be yours,
it has 4 BRMs, 3 BTH's
 3,856 sqft, .26 ac , built in 1891

You know how the old saying goes,
"it's never to late to start", 
well I am living it.

I'm walking the walk and talking the talk.
I've put a five year time frame on my lofty goals, and with any luck it could be sooner.

That my friends is how I find myself in Williston North Dakota, 
just barely surviving my first winter.   

Let me tell you, I also have a whole new appreciation for the word,
 and just how
can be!!!
Can you say -35 below zero, in a fifth wheel!!!

 I find myself going through multiple stages of change
Let me just share a few with you, now.

First there's the thrill and excitement, at the thought of doing something new.

 I call this the BLIND ADVENTURE  stage, 
your just to excited or should I say naive to know better.

Then there's the "YES, I DID IT" stage.  
This is how you will feel as the road move under your wheels and the Mountains of home begin to fade in your rear view mirror.  (There's still a little thrill here, who doesn't love a road trip?)

Then there's the

After 13 hours 22 minutes and 873.5 miles according to Google Map, you have arrived at your destination!!! 
 At this stage you'll find that your mind and body has gone into road shock and all you want to do is take a nice long bubble bath and relax.  But then you remember you don't have a bath tub any more and a weak water pressure shower is all your going to get.  
But that's "OK"  you tell yourself, you have goals and dreams and this is just part of your journey!!

Well to sum it all up and to make a very cold, very long winter short it quickly reached the,

  This stage hits you like a blast of cold North Dakota arctic air right between your now disillusioned eyes.

But have faith my friends, my frozen little goals are still alive and starting to thaw along with the prairies that surround me.  

And today I found that extra bit of warm sunshine,   
to keep me trying to achieve my goals.
 And to give me back my creative spirit and joy!!! 
I found my INSPIRATION in the art work of Angela Morgan.  

Her work has made me happy and brightened my day.
 It makes me want to pick up my paint brush and start painting again.  
It has helped me find the INSPIRATION I needed
 to believe in my art and my creative style again.
  It has helped to wash away my doubts and style conflict.  
I realize that I need to stay focused, stay true to me, my art and my goals.
I need to remember that I create for me, to bring me

And that life also has it's seasons and after every bitter winter the spring will come again!!!

Thank you dear friends for following my ramblings and putting up with my whining.  
My wish to you is that you all find that one thing that
Open your HEARTS and let the sunshine in!!!