Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who knew, setting GOALS really does work!!!

Boy oh boy, it has been a few busy weeks over her in my little studio.

I didn't realize just how much work being in an art  Festival was going to be.  This is my first time doing an art festival let alone a four weekend one, it requires a lot of time and energy to make sure every thing looks just right.  I've had great sales both weekends so far and have had a blast meeting all sorts of folks. 

I've been trying to keep up my inventory by painting when I can.  I'm  taking college classes three times a week.  It has always been one of my personal goals to go to college and I'm thrilled that I am now making that goal a reality. 
I set a couple of more goals for myself this last year and they to are becoming reality.   I never have been much of a goal setter but after taking the e-course "Flying Lessons" by Kelly Rae Roberts, http://kellyraeroberts.com/learn  things have changed.  
While taking the course one of our assignments was to write down our goals.  So I did just that, I wrote them in my note book and every so often I take them out to see how they are coming along.  Was I making any progress in achieving my artistic desires?  

Well looking back I am happy to say a very loud "YES"!!

I attended my first Art retreat in the beautiful mountains of Heber, Utah.

I have started college, taking a drawing, oil painting and jewelry classes. (I decided to ease into college with some fun classes first, next semester comes writing, math and some computer classes.) 

I signed up for a four week art festival as a vendor selling my art!!  

I started a blog and have been sharing with all my fellow artists, friends and family for a little over a year now.

I also participated in a blog around presented by Karen Valentine of "My desert Cottage", and loved it, what a blast!!!

I opened an Etsy shop for selling my art and have actually, sold some!!
I have created my own art space/studio, just for me, a place I can be free to create and grow.

And the latest goal I have achieved is getting my work published.  That's right back in February 2011, I sent in some art work for consideration to the "Somerset Studio Magazine".   And just this last week I received an e-mail for them letting me know that two of my art pieces have been accepted and will be published in their Winter 2012 magazine!!!

Wow,  who would have ever thought that this could all be accomplished by just little ole me.  I would never have believed it if I hadn't written it down and made goals.

There is so much more that I want to accomplish and I will continue to work towards those goals.  Yes it really does work, please take a few minutes and write down your dreams, your goals and all the amazing  things you want out of life.

Don't be afraid there is not dream to big,  or to small, just let your heart soar, set your imagination free and become anything you want to be.  

Happy goal making and achieving!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Raised in a "BARN".

OK, this is it, it's time to just say it,

Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a Barn-aholic.

There its out in the open, I'm now free to share one of my deepest passions with you,

I happen to love the term "raised in a barn", I wish I had been "raised in a barn".

This last week I took a self guided tour of "Barn Country".  My husband and I, celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary at a friends house in beautiful little town of Eden.   While we were there we traveled through the quaint little towns of Liberty and Huntsville as well.  This part of the Ogden Valley has always had a deep history as a Farming Community,  and with that being said there are Old Barns galore.

It has always been a dream of mine to covert an old barn into a home with functional living space and lots of added windows.  So once I got back home to my little home in Holladay, I went straight to the computer to search the Internet for "Barn Homes."

I came across a couple of amazing builders and ideas for "Barn Homes".  One of my favorite builders is "New England Barn Company"  http://newenglandbarn.com/custom-barns.php#p6 
another great builder is "Small Barn Homes, http://www.smallbarnhomes.com/small_barn_homes.html take a look at this  barn with 2000 sq ft living  space  

And you don't want to miss Uncle Howard's Barn homes, check out this floor plan,

And if you want to see a cost break down for a Barn Home built in Wa. just take a look at this,

By the looks of these homes I would be proud to say I was "Raised in a Barn."  So maybe the next time your taking a drive in the country, you might stop and appreciate that old barn with all new eyes.

Thanks for letting me share my dreams and hopes with you today.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

True feelings....

A couple a days ago I posted about the things I was grateful for and it felt great.  I noticed that it has been a little hard for me to share some of my emotions lately.   I sometimes wonder how much is to much, and how do I share without being overwhelming to my friends.
I find myself escaping in my paintings lately, running away from blogging due to all the emotions swirling around in my head and heart.  So I sat down yesterday and tried to write a post but just couldn't get started so I decided to brows a couple of my fav's and I could not believe how the messages touched my heart.

I read sweet  Chezabee's creations http://creatingchezabee.blogspot.com and so much loved her open heart, sweet spirit and love of adventure.  She was sharing without the restraint that I have been feeling lately, and it made me smile.  She was even doing a Lavender Scent Pouch giveaway, all while in the process of preparing for a trip to Africa.  Wow what an inspiration she is to me, thanks!!!

I also came across a lovely quote that made me smile.

"Rediscover you.  Admire yourself more often. You are as beautiful as your heart remembers."

I found this quote on Jenni Horne's blog http://jennihorne.blogspot.com  I loved the "you are beautiful" writing on the overpass.  It's true sometimes the answer to your problems are staring you right in the face but you just don't see it.

I continued to surf many more blog and realized that I wasn't alone out there in this world of uncertainty and confusion.  I picked myself up and went to the book store and spent my birthday gift card given to me by one of my daughters.  I purchased the latest issue of "Artful Blogging", and the minute I started reading I was blown away by all the emotion in each blogger's posts and interviews.

All of this touched me so deeply I decided to sit down and give myself another shot at a new post that was from my heart.

In the last month my eldest daughter has moved to Oregon with her husband and my sweet little grandson, Jackson.

The move was something that needed to be done to further her career and provide for their family.  I'm happy for them and this little adventure that  has presented it's self to them.  What better place to move to than Oregon, it has it all.  But since the move I have found that it is possible to live with a gaping hole in your heart. I miss them all so much that I find myself tearing up at the strangest times, like when I see a little child in the grocery store giving its parents fits, or when I'm out gardening and I miss my little helper.

As the days go by things are getting better, I chat with them every day via Skyp, (wow how technology has changed our lives) I send them my love and know that their only a phone call away!!

And now just this week my middle child, my other daughter has also moved to Oregon to be with her sister and to help out with the baby.  I'm so thrilled for her that she is able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to travel and start new adventures in her life.  But at the same time I'm sad to have her gone as well.  I miss the bubbly energy that follows her where ever she goes.  But again we have Skyp and her sister really needs her now.

I seem to have a lot more time on my hands as of late, so I decided to go to college to get a degree in Art Therapy.  I'm a bit nervous about going to college, I've never been before and its been 27 years since I graduated from high school.   I feel very strongly about how Art can save ones mind and soul.  After my many surgeries and hospital stays I found that Art helped me recover and become the person that I always know I could be.  Art helped me find truth and joy in my life, and I know it can do that for others as well.  Again another big step and new adventure for me.

I know I'm blessed with and amazing life and family, and now I can smother my son with all my attention, I just know he's looking forward to that, having his mother all up in his business.  My sweet husband is just beside himself sometimes with my wild emotions and he tries so hard to be supportive and loving, and he is doing a great job.  I know I should give him more credit and praise, but I like being babied by him sometimes.  He's the best, I love him sky-full's!!
 I sure appreciate all my fellow bloggers out there who help encourage and enlighten with their sweet comments on my blog.   The other day I was feeling a little down about the direction or lack there of direction, that my Art work was taking.  I began to doubt myself and my Art.  I wandered if these little paintings of my meant anything to anyone but me?  And then it happens, I take a look at my Etsy shop and see that I have a sold order for one of my prints.  So, I guess the answer is "Yes".  After that order I went and face my art with a fresh point of view knowing that some where out there my Art has touch someone and moved them in a special way.

I must say I am grateful for this blog and all the opportunities it gives be to express myself.

Wow, that sharing thing wasn't so bad, better than a trip to the dentist but just as nerve racking.

Thank you all for being such an important part of my crazy life!!

"She had many wishes."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting geared up.

It's been a busy little studio over here as of late,  I've been trying to get geared up for the "Holladay Harvest Festival".
What you might ask yourself is the "Holladay Harvest Festival", well let me enlighten you,

The Holladay Arts Council will be hosting a Farmer’s market, which they have named the Holladay Harvest Festival. This year they plan to hold this free festival for 4 Saturdays in a row beginning August 20 from 4:00-8:00 PM in front of Holladay City Hall (4580 S. 2300 E.).
Please come and support your local food, produce, and art/craft vendors. In addition to these wonderful local vendors, there will be live music from bands around Utah. The bands will play from 5:00-8:00pm and will be preceded by youth oriented music from 4:00-5:00pm.  We will also offer free children’s art activities.
Some of our food vendors include Whole Foods and companies producing homemade ice cream, curry dishes, chocolate goodies, mint limeade, and Sicilian sauces. We are also excited that Tagge’s famous local produce will be showcasing their new solar powered organic produce. In addition to local food and produce vendors we will have 25 art and craft vendors that will be showcasing their original work (jewelry, books, paintings, sculptures, woodworking, bags, rugs, children’s clothing and accessories, children’s teepees, aprons, candles, Henna tattoos, quilts, leather journals, and photography just to name a few).

So how's that for fun, and I'm going to be right in the thick of it with my own little art booth.  So here's a peek at a few new paintings that will be for sale at the festival.

Hope you enjoy my little beauties, I had a blast painting them, as usual they make me smile.

Well better get back to painting, need to have a full booth!!!

If your in the neighborhood please drop by!!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I'm GRATEFUL for....

I love doing these kinds of posts, it gives me an opportunity to share an important part of me and my dreams.
It seems we go through our daily lives rushing here and there, trying to be all things to all people.  And in this rush we tend to loose sight of the things that should be most important to us, stillness, peace and gratitude.  Here are a few of my wishes I wish for you and yours.

Remember to take time to smell the flowers,
Always be prepared to make a wish...

It's OK to admire a grand old house and wish she could talk...
Remember seeing is believing, real men do fish with Pink Barbie Poles....

There is nothing more important than that little hand in yours....
Find humor where ever you can and share it...

It's Ok to be scared when the big waves start crashing in on you.......
Appreciate that their following in our footsteps.....
Sometimes Stars do fall from the sky......
Enjoy being the Dandelion in a garden full of brilliant flowers....
          Always give even the prickliest Heart Love.......
Take your time, you can always cross that bridge when you get there........
Last, but by far not the least, nothing beats a good nap..........

Much love to you all!!!
sweet dreams baby Jax