Sunday, May 27, 2012

All hale the QUEEN!!!

Finally, after much ado on my part I have finished!!
That's right the crown is ready for its big unveiling!!

All hale the QUEEN!!1

I had a blast making this little beauty.
It was my first attempt at making a crown.
This one is for my sister, it's for her birthday.

I think she looks lovely,

Happy Birthday to my big Sis,
Love ya!!

Now I need to make one for myself!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012


just got my copy of the 
Summer 2012,
SEW Somerset Magazine!!!
Take a peek at pages 84 thru 87.

Yup those are my creations!!!
So flattered and grateful.

Thank you Somerset!!!
you totally rock my creative world!!1

Love the cover as well, art work done by a very 
talented artist and author
Danielle Daniels

Thanks for dropping by and sharing in my little bit of excitement!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sit down and relax....

Hello all,
 I just wanted to take a minute to invite you to 
sit down and relax with me.

This is my sweet new water feature,
it was my Mothers Day present from my loving family.

Now I can sit and listen to the water sing to me
 along with the birds.

 I love this time of year, 
all of my favorite flowers are blooming, 
and showing off!!

 Right here in the shade of my dancing Aspens
you'll find a couple of chairs and a nice
little glider to rest on.

This is where I come to relax, to think, to dream!!!
This is my little piece of heaven.

So your always welcome to ring the bell for a visit.  
Theres bound to be tea brewing or lemonade chilling.

Thanks for sharing in my piece of mind.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diamond in the ruff!!

That's right my little '68 Ideal is just that,
a diamond in the ruff, 
a weed among the roses,
just take a look at our neighbor.

Our maiden voyage was great, we had no problems, 
everything worked.
And my little lady pulled along like a champion, 
no swaying, just straight down the road.

Moab was amazing and not crowed at all,
that's the way I like it, room to breath.
Just check out my view every morning when I 
woke up.

The weather was perfect so we decided to take 
a river rafting trip, down the Colorado River.
We had a very talented guide and were surrounded by breath
taking views.

We also made a few new friends along the way a couple from 

and one local Blue Hearing.

After a day of boating we decided to take a ride around town.

I had a chance to drop into some of the cute shops that 
line Moab's main street.
What a blast!!!
I looked up an artist friend while I was in town.
Her name is Cathya Savage-Haas, she the proud owner of
the cutest little shop called:

"Savage Spirit"
An Art Adventure

If you get a chance go take a look at the amazing
Tie die work she does
and the beautiful jewelry her husband makes.

I can't wait to get some of my own art work in her shop.
This is a painting I did when I got home from my trip.
It is my tribute to Moab.

Well I'm off to Oregon now, I need to see my little Oregon family.
Honey and I will be ridding the Harley on this trip.
It's always quite an adventure ridding 800 miles in one day.
Talk about being saddle sore!!
See you soon with 
updates from my Oregon trip.