Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The phone call!!

I woke this morning with a desperate urge to call my dad. 

I don't know why or where the need came from it was just something that needed to be done right away.  In most cases I would have just let the thought pass, put it on the back burner,  I would get to it later when I had time.  
Maybe after my housework was done, you know how the vacuuming, laundry and dishes just cant wait.  And then there's the bill's you have to make sure they get paid and don't forget the grocery shopping,  and what about the carpool.   And lets not forget lunches for the kids and dinner for the family. 
Oh yes there were many pressing things that also needed to be taken care of before I would have just enough time to make that phone call.  

that's me in the middle
This wasn't the first time I would need to put off a family call or visit.  Their family they'll understand, their days are just as busy as mine, they know I love them, I know they love me.  

But something was different when I woke this morning with the urge to call my dad right away.  No matter how much I had to do it would have to wait, nothing was more important than making this one phone call.  
I found myself trying to recall just where I left my cell phone, and wondering just what time it was anyways?  Oh well I might be waking him up but the call needed to be made.  So I sat up rubbed the sleep from my eyes so I could see the numbers on my phone, and that's when it hit me like a lighting bolt to my heart.

I couldn't call my dad, he had passed away three years ago.  What was I thinking I thought to myself with a bit of anger, but mostly lose.  

The events of this morning stayed with me all day, I couldn't shake the fact that I thought I should call my dad.   I knew he was not here and could not be reached by the telephone, so I did the next best thing I could thing of.  I sat down and said a pray to my dad.

We talked of family and friends and how much he would have enjoyed attending his granddaughters wedding,  and how much he would have loved meeting his great-grandson. 

We talked of riding our Harley's and how the weather was changing, and how it was time to retire the bike for the winter.  I knew this was always a hard time of the year for him, because he so much loved to ride, but I also reminded him of all that lovely snow he would soon have to shovel, that always got a good response.  Although I could not give him a hug and kiss good by, I did let him know that I would chat with him again real soon.

After our conversation I just sat quietly for a while, I guess my day just wasn't that busy after all.  I remembered that two days before my dad passed away we had lunch together, we talked of his childhood growing up in Mexico, moving to the United States when he was just nine and how he could speak no English.  We had a great lunch that day with my dad, my husband and daughter were also there and had many questions to ask. 

When we left the restaurant that afternoon I remember telling him how much I loved him and the did the same for me, we hugged and waved good by.  As he and my step-mother drove away I had the funniest thought.  I thought to myself my dad's hair was a little messed up in the back, like he had forgot to comb it.  You would have to know my dad, he never went anywhere with out having his boots shined up and his hair combed.  He also seemed a little more tired as well, heck he's only sixty-four, maybe he's just not sleeping very well.  We both seem to have that problem, not sleeping well at night.  I shook of that thought and decided I'd check in on him Saturday, maybe have lunch again.
But Saturday never came I was called on Friday night by my stepmother letting me know that my wonderfully funny, loving, energetic father had a massive stroke and that I needed to get to the hospital.  My dad passed away quietly that evening surround by family and friends.

Again I found myself now sitting and wondering about my need to call my dad, maybe it's because today is his birthday and he is so much in my thoughts this time of the year.  
I don't really have a moral to the story at this time, I guess you just need to take what you can from my ramblings and do with it what you may. 
I just want to give a big shout out at this time to my family.  
To my girls, I love you both dearly,
 thanks for filling my life with ribbons, prom dresses and laughter.
To my sonny boy, 
thanks for sharing your hot wheels and potato bugs,
you always crack me up!!
To my loving husband,
I love you always.


Monday, October 24, 2011

A little "1968 IDEAL" update!!

Well, I felt it was time for a little update on the Trailer front.
  Most of the work has been mechanical but I was able to get a little cosmetics started.

This is a shot of the front window cover.
 I scrapped and scrubbed the dirt, tree sap and mold off until it was nice and clean.
(the tanks will be getting a new coat of paint come next spring.)

The roof got two brand new vent covers in order to prevent any further water damage.

With the weather being so nice I decided to apply some sealant to the seams along the roof of the trailer, just to be safe.

Yup that's me up on top, you'd never know I was afraid of heights!!!

On the inside we took down old lights.

Went to work on some water damage!!

Cleared out all the old and put in some new!!

Then the bathroom got some new floor covering.
(going to give it a nice coat of paint soon and a new shower pan)

Then it was time to start  on the ceiling!!!
I found this great textured paper that would cover up any damage, as well as give the ceiling 
a old tin tile look. 

It went up like a dream and gave me just the look I wanted.  I painted it in a cool white and then glazed over top with a nice gold.

I love it.
 Turned out just the way I hoped it would!!!
Next I started the walls!! 
 I wanted something different, so I went to my favorite fabric store and for $2.00 a yard, I found just the right fabric for my walls.

I have a nice brocade piping to put along the seam between the wall and the ceiling. 
 I'm still not sure I love the fabric so I may just have to put a nice coat of paint over the fabric.  I don't know for sure, my honey says let it sit for a while and see if it grows on me,  great advice for one very tired lady.

I tried to keep my colors soft and warm, I'm saving the brothel colors for the cushions and cabinets.  
I have some great lace in mind for the curtains, as well as some gold tassels I can't wait to put up.  
Well I tell ya I am exhausted as well is my honey.
This is truly a labor of love!!
I'm so glad I get to share my progress with friends.

I have a Christmas art show coming up in December on the 3rd & 4th, and although that seems like a ways off it can seek up real fast. 
 So it looks like I'm going to need to step away from the trailer repair for a while and get ready for the show.  
Thanks again for dropping by,
I'll keep you posted on any updates and of course the new art for the show!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Introducing "Tootsies Painted Lady"

At this time I would like to introduce you to  
"Tootsies Painted Lady"
Well she's not painted yet but that is my goal!!

This cute little 18ft 1968 Ideal trailer has stolen my heart.
Don't ask what has come over me,  I just don't know yet, but I'm sure there's a scientific term.
Maybe it's called "Traileritis" or I've seen it called "Glamping disorder", what ever the case I have contracted it with a vengeance.

It's been five days since my Hansom Honey.
brought her home to me. 
Five days of non-stop work with no clear end in sight

 He picked her up for the great price of $400.00, the owner wanted $650.00 but after one text and a promise of $400.00 cash, we had a deal.
I tell you what, the minute he pulled her into the driveway it was love at first sight.
She's in great shape structurally and all her plumbing is in working order.
Let me give you an inside tour of her retro fashion.

Please do not adjust the color on your monitor, that is avocado green your looking at.
I love it!!
 I remember growing up as a kid with avocado green appliances, they were all the rage!!
She's quite shapely on the outside as well with no big dings.

Someone strapped her with a welded on bike rack that does nothing for her figure.
That will be one of her cosmetic surgeries to come.
For a Lady of 43 years she a beauty and like is stated earlier, fully functional.
We plugged her in and she hummed to life with light.
Her water tank is clean and perfect, yea!!

Hold up maybe I spoke to soon it appears that she has a little leak in her plumbing, but nothing a little fiberglass and my honey can't fix

But most importantly she has no bad water leeks. 
 It seems that gal's of this age and water don't get along to well.

So just what are my plans for this sweet gal? 
Well since she showed up I have been doing a bit of research on Vintage Trailers.  
And I got to tell you, I was WOW'd
Just take a look at this great blog I came across.

and that's not all, check out this great group of gal's and there trailers!!

Here's just a few of the Sisters trailers!

These are just a few, go check out the above mentioned link, there are hundred to drool over!!

Another great blog you just have to take a look at is:

Well if all of those beauties were not enough to get your blood pumping just take a look at
 Magnolia Pearl's lovely Airstream!!

This amazing creature was featured on my sweet friends blog, take a peek you won't be sorry. 

For even more information check out 
Magnolia Pearl herself,

give it a minute to load you wont be disappointed!!

Well, I have sure enjoyed sharing my new passion with you.  
I will be keeping you up to date on the many face lifts and progress that is made on my Sweet Lady.
She is truly, 

I would like to leave you with this thought for now,

"I pray that you will listen to that still small voice that is calling you.
Calling you to your dreams,
to your talents and abilities,
to your Joy!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sharing time and talent, love it!!!!

A while back I signed up of a soldering class and due to technical difficulties the class had to be rescheduled, so I waited eagerly for the new class date to arrive.

Well after checking my calendar daily marking off the days, it's now time!!!

I was so excited all day, I couldn't wait for 6:00 pm to roll around so I could finally learn how to solder. It has always been a dream of mine to learn soldering.
I put it on my goal list and now I can cheerfully check it off. 
 It was a blast!!!
The class included myself and four other artists and our teacher the ever lovely and talented
It was so much fun meeting new artists and hearing there stories.
We all had such a great time learning and socializing.
 We all went home with a finished piece of Jewelry.

This is the piece that I made, it reads:
"lives her joy"
"so blessed"

This little saying captures all the emotions I feel about my art and the opportunities that I have to create!!

When class was over I had the privilege to take a fellow artist home.  Her name is Jenny and she is in town for her daughters wedding.  Jenny is from Tasmania, that's right the island.  She was such a joy to chat with and what an artist she is, her jewelry turned out amazing.  She showed us pictures of her daughter wedding dress it was so beautiful, oh did I mention she made the dress, the first week she was in town.  Wow what a gift she was able to give her daughter for that most important day.
So not only did I have a new piece of Jewelry that made me smile, I also have a new friend that also makes me smile.
Thanks Jenny, your the best!!
Have a safe trip home!!

I also wanted to share this lovely little lady I made at none other than Lauri's shop

This little beauty stands 28" high from base to tip top.  I decorated her with the words "seeker" and "searching for self" as well as the nickname my father gave me "tootsie".  I also added a heart and a little girl with butterfly wings, some flowers and of course "glitter", we all need glitter!!
This piece of art is an expression of me and how I feel.
I keep art in my heart and am always searching for more.
 I want to live my life in search of more glitter that will make me sparkle!!

Thank  you all for coming along on this journey with me, its so great not to be alone.
Now go out and find some beauty in your day and share it with the ones you love!!!