Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Just what have I been up to lately??

Well I'll tell you, no even better I'll 
show  you!!

I just finished up this little cutie!!
She's titled,
"Aqua Net Tease"
She was inspired by my childhood memories of my mom.
Back in 2010, I wrote a story on my blog
about a summer vacation I had as a child.
I've included the link below just in case you were interested,

This is my mom, and yes all that hair is real, no hair pieces!!
This picture was taken in about 1975.
I'll share with you my painting progression.

 One of the most favorite parts of painting is creating the backgrounds for my paintings.
Then it's on to the sketching.

I create the back ground by using decoupage and acrylic paints.

After the back ground was all done I decided to create this little ladies
using pastels and gesso.

I love working with pastels and gesso, it takes a little longer and a 
few more layers to get just the right color, but the process is so fun!!!

For my tribute to winter this year I made a painting of a 
snowman and a little girlie.

I used decoupage, acrylics and pastels to create this little beauty.

Another one of my recent favorites is my little girlie and the moon, 
titled "Blame it on the moon"

Then there's my little,
"Dream Angle"

The next little trio are my tribute to
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I have always been a big fan of Emerson, one of my favorite
quote is:
"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea,
breath in the wild air."

"Live in the sunshine"

"Swim in the sea"

"Drink in the wild air"

Well that should just about bring me all up to  date.

I hope you've enjoyed these little girlies
as much as I have
creating them.