Friday, April 20, 2012

Before and After, inside my 1968 "Ideal" trailer!!

Well it's time for the big reveal!!
I've been working on my little vintage trailer for a couple 
of weeks now, and its time to take a peek!!

This is the little kitchen area Before...


New lighting, refrigerator, curtains, decoupage on drawers and cabinets.

Sitting area Before...

Some of the wood had water damage so I had to 
be replace.



You'll also noticed the new cushions!!
The old ones were to stinky and dated, so I purchased new foam
and covered it with a sweet salmon color fabric.
I was able to use reuse the original hardware on the drawers and 
   I love the green plaid I used on the cushion boarders and the 
reddish-orange piping for the trim.
If you look real close you can see the cute little green leaves 
that are stitched on the salmon fabric.
This little sitting area pulls out into a nice size bed that sleeps two.

This is the U-shaped sitting area 

you can see the old lighting, wiring and water tank

Sitting area After....

This U-shape sitting area converts into a nice size bed that sleeps two.
Above this area there is a pull out bunk that sleeps two. (children)

add some new cushions, curtains and brand new cherry wood table..

This is the power room Before

And now After...
she's totally functional

I updated the walls with sheet music as well as the decoupage,
I love the bright colors and the  little magazine holder, it adds a lot of charm.

As for the ceiling ...

If you'll notice just above my Honey's head the ceiling was like a wood paneling.
I chose to put a nice textured wall paper on the ceiling.

This is the wallpaper pattern that I chose.  It reminded me of the old tin
ceiling tiles.

Once it was all up I was so pleased with the effect.  I removed the old lighting
and added an antique wash over the whole ceiling.

I also added a couple of my favorite Original pieces of art.

I have to tell you I am so please with the way it all turned out!!
I could never have gotten it all done with out my Honey's help.
He took care of all the hard stuff,
like updating the wiring, getting the battery and appliances all working,
and lets not forget the plumbing.
Big "THANKS" to my Honey!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the Before and After tour of my little home away from home.
Now that the inside is finished, it's time to tackle the outside.
I'm hoping to get me a nice shade awning,
and I would be thrilled if I could get her all painted as well.
I think I'm going to paint her all cream with a nice salmon stripe.
Of course I'll keep you update on all the changes.
Thanks for dropping by!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can you believe it!!!

I have given birth to three children, lost my large intestine in 2008, went through four reconstructive surgeries after that, and had a repair to a quarter size hole in my heart, and none of that prepared me for the pain of
 Kidney Stones!!!!

Wow the pain was out of this world, 
 lucky me I have passed one and there is another one on the way, oh joy!!
Well that's enough belly aching from me on the matter, it is what it is.

I tell you what, I have been having some crazy discoveries about myself lately.
For instance, I love motorcycles, Harley Davidson to be exact, that's nothing new.
What is new is this,
 my Honey bought me my very own Harley!!!
I have always wanted one of my very own.
I was raised a biker brat.
My father was a member of a Motorcycle Club as far back as I can remember.

When I was little I use to ride my trike around and pretend that it was my very own 

So when I returned home from my trip to Oregon, I was surprised and thrilled to 
find my very own Harley, waiting just for me!!

I was on that bike in a heart beat and ready to roll!!
Well let me tell you what, two bike runs and three hundred miles later, 
I was done, I was lonely!!!

I have become so use to riding with my Honey, sharing interesting 
sights and scenery, that when I was riding on my own
I was lonely!!
I could not believe it!
I was always so certain that I wanted my own bike.
Well surprise, surprise, not the case.
I just like it better with my arms wrapped around my Honey.
So I sold my bike, after only two weeks.
Call me crazy, 
my kids did and Honey was a bit baffled but not disappointed;
I'm still his biker chick.