Friday, July 29, 2011


OK, you may want to sit down for this or then again you may want to dance around and sing just like I did.

I can't believe it,  I have found my Mecca, the cows are coming home, pigs are flying and I heard a pleasantly plump lady singing.
That right, but just in case there is any misunderstanding, let me spell it out for you.


I have got to tell you I had such a great time and learned some beautiful layering and texturing techniques.  Our instructor, Lauri Girmshaw-Cox is such and positive and motivating person, a real joy  to be around.      She started our class out with a cleansing moment of deep breathing and relaxation.  She instructed us to leave all the hassle of the day at the door and only bring in positive energy with no judgment.  As a class there were 10 of us and we were all eager to get started.  
Lauri got right to business after the cleansing and a small introduction about herself ( and her goals for how she wanted the evening to progress.

The one thing I learned right away was the same thing I've been telling my husband for years, "Nothing is garbage, and it can be reused in a different project."  Finally I have been vindicated in this belief, I feel so free now.
So with music playing in the back ground we all watched as Lauri wheeled out her demo table and got to work.   She's a natural at teaching which made us all feel talented and in possession of great creative abilities.   She is the queen of re-purpose and reuse as well as  a lover of MOD PODGE (matte finish).  We used everything from round cotton face cleansing pads to colored toothpicks, bubble wrap, pieces of silk flowers, paper towels and wrapping tissue, anything to create texture and layers.  I know it may sound strange but when all put together with Mod Podge, paint and a lovely little quote, you end up with a beautiful piece of art.  
Now for the big unveiling, my project, enjoy!!

I had a blast and will be back next month for two more classes (  one on "Soldering a 2x2 beveled charm" and the other "Gypsy girl collage doll".  
I feel so grateful to be able to share my talents and to share in the talents of others.  My life has taken many turns of late and I find myself looking for a better me.  I took the big step and decided to go  College, I will be working towards a degree in Art Therapy.  It was for all these reasons that I chose the quote that I did:,
"The turning point in my life has come.
I am open and receptive, living a life I love."
--Louise Hay
These are truly words to live by, so always remember to take a deep breath and open your heart to creating with no judgement!! 
You never know ART may just be the therapy you didn't know you were looking for. 

Thank you for sharing in my 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Having an "AMAZING day today!!!

I woke up this morning one year older (happy birthday to me) and ideas swirling around in my head.  I was dizzy with excitement to get my day started, I love these kinds of mornings.
Well to start off, I finished a couple of paintings,

Both paintings come from my heart.  I love the little saying on my "Butterfly Girl", it was a fortune I got in a fortune cookie one day.

"If I bring forth what is inside me, what I bring forth will save me."

Isn't it funny how a little random piece of paper can touch you so deeply.  And my little "Peace Hippy" well what better words than:

"Find your peace."  and
"I'm at peace with me."

All words to live by, to feel by, to create by!!!

I also wanted to take a minute to share with you a really neat Artist I just happened to stumble across the other day.  Her name is Lauri Grimshaw-Cox,( I'm so thrilled that I came across her blog and bonus she lives my same town sort of, by about 15 miles.  And now for an even bigger bonus, she teaches classes!!! Yea can't wait to connect with her and all the creativity she has to offer.
I signed up for the class she is teaching tonight, it's my birthday present to me!!!  I'll get back to you with pictures and comments real soon.
Go take a look I'm sure you wont be disappointed!!

Hope you have a great day,  make it mandatory to go out and find some beauty today, something that makes you smile and your heart sing!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just having fun!!

I can't tell you just how much fun I have been having visiting all the different blogs that are participating in "Where bloggers create 2011".  I want to send out a big thanks to Karen at "My Desert Cottage" for all her hard work in putting this party together.
I'm down to the "D's" now and still going strong!!
If you would like to take a peek at some of the most amazingly talented bloggers just click on this link:
You wont be disappointed!!!

I've been fitting in a little art in-between viewing blogs, they are just so inspiring!!
This painting is my tribute to "The Royal Wedding Hat's" and just how silly they are.

I love hat's just as much as the next gal, but some of those hat's cracked me up.

I've collected hats for sometime now,  I've made bird houses out of them,

I decorate with them,

I sew ribbon flower on them,

So I guess you could say I'm mad about hat's.  It must run in the family because my grandson love them as well!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hat's off to you!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

one word "WOW"

That's right I spent several hours looking at some of the wonderful bloggers that are participating this year.  There are so many I will need weeks to fully enjoy each and every talented blogger.
But I have come to the conclusion with just this small sample of greatness that I need more space and more cute stuff to fill it with.  Like I stated in my earlier blog, you can never have enough creating space.

I have a small garden shed that I've been eyeballing lately, and I think again with some sweet talking I could get that talented husband of mine help me get it in shape.

Oh well just one more project to think about.  If I did convert it to art space then I would loose my garden tool space.  I love to garden although it has taken a back seat to my painting lately.    I need to work on balance I guess.  So in thinking just that thought last night I went out and weeded until I got stung by a bee.(I took this as a sign to go in and paint)

So once I had the garden looking good,

I sat down and painted a little something.  I'd love to share her with you today, she makes me smile.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, but most importantly I hope her message touches your heart!!
"Hold on to your dreams."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Where bloggers create", Welcome!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, I am so thrilled to be able to participate in the 3rd annual blog party.  I really  enjoyed reading about the last two events and was so pumped to be able to join in.
I just want to take a minute to introduce myself.

I am a self taught mix media artist, yes I said "Artist".  That is so cool to me to be able to call myself an artist.  It took all of my nerve to do so in the beginning. But after all the support and friendships built through blogging, I can proudly make the claim with confidence now.  And even more importantly I can call so many of you amazingly talented bloggers friends as well.  I am blow away everyday by the talent that surrounds me and how willingly you share your dreams and adventures of what creating means to you.
You can always find me with my nose in one of my favorite publications.  I just can't seem to get enough creativity to satisfy my hungry artful soul.  This is me and camping at its finest!!!

I spend as much time as possible in my studio, it's the most affordable form of therapy that I know.  I've always made it my goal to be able to be honest with myself in my studio to know my truth and to live it.  It's where I can be brave and try new things, there are no failures only creative attempts some grander than others.
Please come on in and take a peek, and I'll give you the grand tour.

I first started out with a table, a light and a small organizer in a small corner of a small bedroom.
But soon I found that I needed a little more space and a little more organization.  So with some sweet talking I got a new desk with a shelf and built in light.

As you all may know and understand when it comes to creative space there is no such thing as to much.  So remember that spare bedroom we talked about, well it is now my studio and I needed another desk(more sweet talking).  And then I needed some more storage for all that fabric and paint,  and of course new curtains.
So I did it I set up my dream studio complete with sewing space and painting space, storage and lots of stuff that makes me happy.
sewing table

painting space

 from here I added some chalk board paint to  the cabinet and jazzed up the boring light

I then pulled out some old napkins that I had bought at an estate sale years ago and made myself some lovely curtains out of them.

Then a few nic-nacs a little art work.

Well there you have it my little piece of heaven.  Your welcome to drop by anytime, maybe we can work on something together, hope to see you soon.
Happy Creating!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Clowning around!!

I don't know what happened yesterday, but I got a little clown bug and ran with it!!
"Smile in my heart."
And the inspiration just kept coming,
"Send in the Clowns."
last but not least, came my favorite,
"You make me smile."
I don't know why clowns but they just seemed to work for my yesterday.  My husband is always teasing me about being afraid of clowns, just because I don't like the circus.  
Well I still don't care for the circus, don't ask me why? But I am obviously not afraid of clowns!!
I hope they make you smile, enjoy!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My first paying customer!!

That's right It official I had a paying customer or should I say two.
my first customers!!!
These two lovely gals bought a couple of my prints at Liberty Days in Liberty Ut.
At the urging of my sweet best friend, Stevie, I participated in my first art festival over the 4th of July.
I was way excited and way nervous as well, I was plagued with uncertainties.  What if I wasn't good enough, what if nobody stopped by my booth, was I just wasting my time and kidding myself?
Well even with all those fears running wild in my mind, I set up my little table and hoped for the best.

  It was a small event and I was only going to be able to stay for two hours, I had to catch a plane to Oregon that afternoon.  Like I said this was the first time I ever tried a public booth at a fair and wow was it fun.
And can you believe it I actually sold some of my prints as well as bookmakers,  journals and some jewelry.  I also got great response from all the fair goers.
I had so much fun talking about my art and how I was inspired to do what I do.  I met a lovely lady named Susie,  her daughters were my first customers.  Well Susie was great and she brought all her family by my booth and they also bought some of my art.  She was such a sweetie, she told me she was an artist as well and she loved my work.  Come to find out she lives pretty close to me and we exchanged numbers.  She wants to get together and have me paint some pictures of her daughters, wow that's right me paint pictures of her beautiful daughters.
What a day, the best two hours I have spent in the hot sun in a long time.  Well I'm hooked as soon as I get back from Oregon, I'm going to check out every craft and art bizarre in my area.

I want to thank all those great artist friends of mine that follow my blog and all their great blogs that I follow, if it wasn't for you guys I would never have taken the chance.  I would still be in my studio painting and not sharing, to afraid to put myself out there.
Thank you, thank you for your strength and courage!!!