Monday, February 24, 2014

On the road again!!

I can feel the spring fever bubbling up in side of me!!

It's that time of the year that my thoughts wander to travel and
getting out of the cold.

I'm not the type of gal that jumps on a plane though.

I'm a road tripper.

It's time to hook up my 1968 vintage "Ideal" trailer and hit the road.

I need to see and feel the road underneath my tires.
I need to travel the path less taken.

Although the interstate is convenient for travel, 

I like the back roads.

I think the back roads give me a better feel for the 
people and the area history.

I love ma and pa dinners and old store fronts.

I like the feeling of stepping back in time.

Stepping back to a more peaceful, calm place.

A place where the front porch was the social meeting place.

Where you could sit and sip ice cold lemon aid on a hot day.

Where a perspective young man could endure meeting the parents.

Although the days of Mayberry, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife 
are long gone, I still find it important to slow down.

So in the spirit of wanting to take a road trip but not being able to just yet. 

I take out my canvas and paints 
and let my imagination take that trip for me.

So I thought Id share a little bit of my imagination with you today.
Here's to the idea the adventure and the longing for
the open road!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014



I love to try new things,
but for me it just deciding what new things to try
that is the real problem.

There are so many amazing artist out there with all there online e-courses.
So many private chat groups that offer insight and inspiration.

So in my quest to  branch out and take my own interests up an notch
I began to scour the never ending talents of 
I will admit it, I am a
 "Pinterest Junkie"
I find that if I let myself go, I could get lost for hours just 
looking through "Pinterest"

I love to look at all the different artist and their mediums.
As of late I was getting a bit border with my own style and medium.
Like I said I wanted to mix it up a bit.
So in my quest I came across an amazing artist by the name of,
Karen Milstein.
I've admired her work for sometime, so when I saw she was offering
an e-course; I was interested!!

Well I have to tell you all that I took the course and this
 was the best $65.00 I have spent in a long time!!!

I loved her technique and her style of teaching.
I was able to apply what I learned to help me take my 
own style up a notch.
Although I still love my own painting style, 
here's just a couple samples

I have to admit that after Karen's course I have 
found a new favorite technique to combine with my own.

this print out here was the class project for me.

this painting is my interpretation using Karen's techniques 
I feel like I was able to add more life to my paintings, taking them from
a flat cartoon look to a softer more life like vibrant look.
Although my look is still not as faded and soft as Karen's, 
I was able to make it and keep it all 
my own style.
Here's the latest painting I just finished,

starting sketch

adding some color

 my finished  18"x24"
 "Aviator Angle"

I've had so much fun creating my little angle, and I can't 
wait to get started an another painting.

So if any of you out there are looking for a learning experience 
that will help you take it up a level, 
I highly, highly recommend 
Karen Milstein's 
"Simply Faces"

Although I still have a ways to go in making my 
little girlies  more life like, 
I feel I'm heading in the right direction.
Who knows, maybe this is as life like as they're suppose to get.
I'll just have to wait and see
what else I create.
Hope you all enjoyed this little post, 
I know I enjoyed
painting for 
Much love to you from your
"Brown Eyed Girl"

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Show and Tell

"Show and Tell"

Just a few projects that I was working on over the Holidays.

First we have a puppy rag quilt that I made for my sweet 
grandson "Jackson"

I couldn't make just one, since I have two sweet little
grandsons, this one was for Cooper.


I didn't stop there tho,
I made this cute
Cat and Mouse Rag Quilt
for my daughter, Alex.
Even though she's 25, I figure your never to old
for a nice new snuggy.

Heres a little closer look at each panel that made up the quilt.

I was able to use a lot of fun sticking in this project.
I found that the messier the better.
And I know how to do messy!!!

It was so much fun being able to use up all my
scraps,  I had a blast!!!

Who would have thought that a bag of
scrap fabric, could be turned into
such a fun project.

But I wasn't done yet.
 I just couldn't help myself.
I had to make a rag doll to go along
with the rag quilt.

Needless to say my daughter loved it!!!
After I was done with making all my quilts, I moved on to a paint project.
Take a look!!!

My friends sweet daughter had a prize winning puppy, that she wanted painted
on a wooden box to hold all her prize ribbons.
This is what I came up with.

I think it turned out pretty sassy!!
It's always so flattering when someone thinks enough of
your work, that they commission you to do a painting.

Well that's it for now.
Thanks so  much for dropping buy
and letting me brag.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Smile and say,


It's that time of year again,
time to celebrate the Holidays 
with food, friends and family!!

So in an effort to help make your Holidays special
might I suggest CHEESECAKE for dessert!!

That's right I have decided to once again offer my
gourmet CHEESECAKES for sale.

This years flavors are:


This delicious beauty will be the crowning glory of your holiday feast.
A smooth delicate cheesecake filling with a hint of orange zest, 
topped with  fresh sweet cranberries.
All resting on a chocolate wafer cookie crust.

   The combination of Lemon and Ginger give this Cheesecake filling
just the right amount of zing,
topped off with a few juice raspberries and a sprig of mint.
All resting on a sweet gingersnap cookie crust.


Just imagine the silky combination of  Espresso and Dark Rum Cheesecake filling
resting on a thin layer of Kahula-Chocolate Ganache
 in cased in a Chocolate Wafer Cookie crust, along with a 
Sour Cream topping smothered in Melted Chocolate.
(This particular cake and also be topped with Crumbled English Toffee 
in place of the Melted Chocolate)


Here is the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.
A combination of Creamy Pumpkin and Ground Ginger gives
this Cheesecake filling a festive Pumpkin Pie flavor, 
all resting on a Gingersnap Cookie crust, topped
off with a Maple-Pecan Sauce.

The price and sizes I will be offering this year are:

4 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches
(serves 1-2 people)
any of the above flavors
$8.50 each

6 inches x 3 inches
(serves 4-6 people)
any of the above flavors
$18.50 each

9 1/2 inches x 3 inches
(serves 8-12 people)
any of the above flavors
$32.50 each 

Any orders wanted on Thanksgiving must be received no later than
November 23rd.
Any order wanted on Christmas must received no later than
December 20th.

On any Cheesecake order I will need a two day turn around time before pickup.
I will also entertain special flavor request at an additional cost for ingredients.

I have attached a PayPal link at the top of the page to make paying simple.
When making payment please specify size, flavor and quantity.

 I will only be doing PICK UP orders this year.
I am located in  Holladay, Utah.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.

Once your order is placed and paid for I will contact you to confirm your order and
give you pickup address,
so please include your contact information.


Monday, August 12, 2013

All Done!!!

All Done!!!
That's right after months of little decorative touches here and there
I am finally DONE!!!!

You may remember the first thing I started with months ago were the curtains.
and an Oregon Coast color pallet

I got the idea for my curtains from this picture I took at Mammoth Falls.

I wanted something white and foamy

So  I chose to go with white and ruffles to give me the cascading white foamy waters.  I was not disappointed with my finished product
I think I maybe could have added a few more ruffles to the long window curtains, but all in all, I like what I ended up with

You may remember my color pallet from my old post months back,

This is the print of a bed spread I came across at the local  Home Goods Store.
This particular bed spread only came in a Queen size and I needed a King size, so 
I had to do a little improvising of my own.

This is what the Queen size spread looked like on my bed before I made some additions.
So in keeping with the ruffles of the curtains, I added four layers of ruffles to the 
bed spread.

I made a separate panel of ruffles and attached it to the edge of the 
Queen spread.

And here is what I ended up with, again pretty happy with the results.
This way I get the look I wanted without having to try and lift the King size
mattresses in order to put on a dust ruffle.
Then I added a little chair I had recovered a while ago and a little end cabinet  
I painted up with some Iris's on it.

I love this little cabinet because it give me someplace to hide my books and such.
The chair is just a nice place to sit when I put on or take off my shoes.
I also have a little bench that I use to put at the bottom of my bed.
I moved it over to the wall and covered it with a throw I made,
 out of some extra fabric.

This also give me a place to sit and relax.
And remember the old window I salvaged from my dining area years
ago when I replaced all the windows in my house.

Well, I still have it but I added a little something to jazz it up a bit, 
as well as painted my room a peaceful blue.

Just in case your not able to read what my fabric flag banner says, 
"Happily ever after"
I made this little flag banner out of some fabric scraps I had lying around.
I think it added just the right touch of "sweetness".
And for some final touches I have one of the first pictures I ever painted 
hanging on the wall.

This painting has one of my favorite quotes on it by 
Elanor Roosevelt.

For the finishing  touches I placed a nice full, 
"Creeping Charlie"
on top of my black armor that houses my television.

and a fresh vase of 
"Sun Flowers" 
cut from my garden in the back yard, 
and my little "heart" shaped rocks

Well that's it, there you have it,
 my finished bedroom, 
I think I'll go pick up a few little white throw pillows for the 
bad and call it a day.

Hope you enjoyed sharing in my bedroom project!!!

Much love to all!!!