Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Well I did it!!!

I sold my sweet little, "LUCY"

From the very beginning I have so enjoyed working on and camping in
my sweet 1968 "IDEAL".

This is a picture of our fist camping outing,
we are parked along side all the big boys. 

And even without her new paint job she still stood out as a 
diamond in the rough!!

 Some say it's what's on the inside that counts, and in Lucy's case
that was very true.

But as you can see it wasn't long before her outsides matched her insides.

I even gave her a little bling by adding a nice new awning.

But the time has come to send her on her way!!
She will soon be on her way to the 
Sunshine state 
Her happy new owner is 
Cassie Dandridge Selleck
Cassie is an amazingly talented author and artist.  
I'm so happy to see "Lucy" going to the home of such a talented lady!!!
If your looking for a good book to read, check out 
Cassie's latest publication:
"The Pecan Man"

And now where one story ends another begins!!
I would like you to meet my newest project:
1968 "Jet"

the body is in great shape

some of her paint is flaking off, but that's not a problem!!

her interior is in super good shape, every inch of her!!

original upholstery, not one whole or stain!!! 

still has original light clovers

small bathroom needs a good cleaning, but it fully functional!!!

No broken windows 

full size pull out bunk bed

This little 1968 "Jet" is like walking into a time capsule.
Can't wait to get started on her!!
I need to get on the road again, feel the wind in my hair and the
smell of an evening campfire.
I'll keep you posted my "Jet"
I need to figure out a name for her now!!
Thanks for dropping buy!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Painting, painting, painting!!!

Hot off the EASEL!!

My latest creation!!
I love the idea of a Trailer Park in the middle of the desert!!
I can hear the coyotes howling!! 

I love my bicycle with a basket full of flowers and 
a sweet gardening hat!!

And here we have the best of both worlds and bicycle
and a pink little trailer.

These are my latest creation, that are now available for sale at,
"The Store Stuff"
I know they take orders over the phone and are willing to ship.

If you can't tell by now my motivation for painting is travel.
I love the idea of traveling down the pacific coast with my own
little 1968 "Ideal"vintage trailer 

 This is here new awning I made for her!!

Here she is ready to hook up and go!!

A while back I came across this amazing artist.  
Her name is Barb Rogers
She does great work and she's into vintage trailers just like me.
I sent her a picture of my little lady and she painted this for me.

I suggest you go check out her website,
she can do wonders with stamps as well!!
Not to mention she is just and all around nice lady.

Well shoot I can here my easel calling, its time to get some
paint under my nails.

Happy creating!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I'm so excited to be able to share some great news.
I have been working so hard to find an outlet for my art work, 
and now I have one.

I am so happy to announce my affiliation with:
"The Store Stuff"
This is such a cute little shop in the heart of 
Holladay, Utah.
Just take a look at all the wonderful stuff they have.

See that lovely painting up on the wall, that's one of mine!!

There's my other paintings of my little ladies!!
And all sorts of cute spring clothes!!!

Lot's of fun gift ideas for that special little someone!!

Cute table settings!!

Love the Cat Clocks!!

If they don't have it, you just don't need it!!

It's well worth your time to come by and take a peek at all the fun "STUFF"!!
I just dropped off a couple a more paintings that will be up for sale real soon.
Take a look:

"Pinky the trailer"

"Red Rider"
I'm so happy that I have been able to find a home for my art that I just love as well.
So grateful to be able to share my art with others and watch them 
enjoy it as much as I do!!
Well I need to get back to the studio, lots more that needs to be created for,


Monday, February 24, 2014

On the road again!!

I can feel the spring fever bubbling up in side of me!!

It's that time of the year that my thoughts wander to travel and
getting out of the cold.

I'm not the type of gal that jumps on a plane though.

I'm a road tripper.

It's time to hook up my 1968 vintage "Ideal" trailer and hit the road.

I need to see and feel the road underneath my tires.
I need to travel the path less taken.

Although the interstate is convenient for travel, 

I like the back roads.

I think the back roads give me a better feel for the 
people and the area history.

I love ma and pa dinners and old store fronts.

I like the feeling of stepping back in time.

Stepping back to a more peaceful, calm place.

A place where the front porch was the social meeting place.

Where you could sit and sip ice cold lemon aid on a hot day.

Where a perspective young man could endure meeting the parents.

Although the days of Mayberry, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife 
are long gone, I still find it important to slow down.

So in the spirit of wanting to take a road trip but not being able to just yet. 

I take out my canvas and paints 
and let my imagination take that trip for me.

So I thought Id share a little bit of my imagination with you today.
Here's to the idea the adventure and the longing for
the open road!!