Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Painting, painting, painting!!!

Hot off the EASEL!!

My latest creation!!
I love the idea of a Trailer Park in the middle of the desert!!
I can hear the coyotes howling!! 

I love my bicycle with a basket full of flowers and 
a sweet gardening hat!!

And here we have the best of both worlds and bicycle
and a pink little trailer.

These are my latest creation, that are now available for sale at,
"The Store Stuff"
I know they take orders over the phone and are willing to ship.

If you can't tell by now my motivation for painting is travel.
I love the idea of traveling down the pacific coast with my own
little 1968 "Ideal"vintage trailer 

 This is here new awning I made for her!!

Here she is ready to hook up and go!!

A while back I came across this amazing artist.  
Her name is Barb Rogers
She does great work and she's into vintage trailers just like me.
I sent her a picture of my little lady and she painted this for me.

I suggest you go check out her website,
she can do wonders with stamps as well!!
Not to mention she is just and all around nice lady.

Well shoot I can here my easel calling, its time to get some
paint under my nails.

Happy creating!!