Monday, December 26, 2011

Head spinning!!

Have you ever just woke up with your head spinning, so full of ideas you just feel like your going to explode?
I know this may sound strange but I  love it when that happens!!
Right away I will sit down and start sketching or writing.
I try to get all my thoughts, ideas, dreams every bit of it down on paper.
This way I can clear my mind as well as organize my future dream projects.

Well today I woke in just that state of mind.
I can't wait to get started on all sorts of new projects.
With Christmas now behind me and the New Year approaching, it is
time once again to set some goals, take on new techniques and
prepare to create new masterpieces!!

Oh and speaking of masterpieces, I want to share a few
I created for Christmas gifts.
And now with those gifts given I can share without spoiling any surprises.
For my daughters, sister and mother-in-law I made a few pieces of jewelry.

I just love etching, torching and twisting metal.
It's a great way to work out all your frustrations as well.
And lets not forget the buttons!!
I love collecting vintage buttons!!
I hit the mother load of buttons at a yard sale in Oregon.
Well it all started when I came across this little vintage jewelry box.
It reminded me of the one my grandmother use to have.

It was priced at $1.00, what a deal.  I just knew I could  paint one of
my little girlie's on the top.  I could give this little box a whole new second life.
But to my surprise when I lifted the ring tray it was full of ...

Vintage Buttons!!!
And yes they were included in the price!!
I was one happy Junk Junkie that day!!

I also created a few journals as well.

They all turned out so cute and colorful!!

 I must also tell you about one of my biggest most wonderful glittering prizes of all!!!

Can you believe it, aren't you just squinting from all the bling!!
Oh, did I mention it was all FREE!!
That's right my daughter's sweet mother-in-law offered them all to me.
Of course I jumped on that and in return I made her a bracelet out of some of the jewels.
There all so beautiful I just don't know where to start.
I tell you I know my dear sweet friend Diane Cook
would know just what to do!
You need to jump on over and take a look at her amazing creations.
She is a true Texas jewel!!!!

And I must brag on the amazing gift my daughters got for me this
I called my daughters and told them that Kelly Rae Roberts was doing a signing
of her work at the Woodburn Mall near them.
I encouraged them to take a ride over and meet her and see all the
beautiful art she creates.
Well they went and had a blast!!
   They called me later and told me all about their evening,
and about meeting
 Kelly Rae Roberts

Well those two sweet girls of mine knew just what to do!!
They bought me a one of her pictures and Kelly signed the front and the back.

Oh how I wish I could have been able to meet Kelly, but this was just as sweet!!!

So with the New Year approaching I have so much to look
forward to and so much creating to achieve .

I wish you all well and hope that the
New Year holds all the magic and passion
for life that you desire!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello Christmas, here I am!!!

The Christmas spirit has found me and non to soon!!!
My sweet baby girl is coming home to day!!
She is currently stuck in Reno Nv, her plan broke down.
This little mishap will only delay her two hours. 
That give me a little more time to get things in order for her arrival.

I also wanted to share a little Christmas cheer with you by way of the Coast.
I have always dreamed of living on the beach some where.  
I love the idea of decorating for Christmas in a Seaside Style.
I came across this beautiful web site and just had to share!!

These pics just stole my heart!!

I love, love, love them!!!
Thank you,
Completely- Coastal!!!

But lets not stop there, if you like White and Lacy things
come and take a peek at this Amazing treasure!!

So many yummy gifts to share by Rosemary!!

All these lovely ideas were a gift from one of my favorite blogs,

Hope you have in joyed the beauty and the richness of these Amazing Bloggers!!
It makes me just want to run down to the beach and get some sand between
my toes and chase some waves!!
Thanks for dropping by!!!
Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just coming up for air!!

I want to take a minute to say 
yes I have been very neglectful in my blogging.
I have been trying and trying to find that holiday spirit, but it
still eludes me.

I see all the beautiful bloggers out there showing their homes, 
so amazingly decorated for Christmas 
and I just shrink away in defeat. 

I have always been a Christmas nut in the past, always
decorated and all decked out for the holidays.  
What has changed me so much, I have been asking 
myself lately. 

The only answer I can come up with is 
that I miss my family.
There is a piece of my heart missing, it's 
800 miles away in Oregon.
I have always had all of my kid here with me for the 
holidays in the past.  We would celebrate all month
long as a family, making baked goods, Christmas Crafting and 
shopping together.

Last Christmas was my sweet little Jackson's first Christmas.
What a great time we had watching him try to open his presents.
He didn't know why all the hub-bub but  he loved it and 
gave it his best shot.  
This year will be even better for him, I so wish he could be here.
I know he will be here in January, but I'm a grandma and very needy.
Who wouldn't be just look at this little man.

He makes my heart ache with all the love I feel for him!!
There is one bit of fun to look forward to, 
my daughter Alex will be making it home for Christmas this year!!!
I can't wait to have her home and in my arms.
I'll have her home for two whole weeks!!!
I can't wait!!
My sweet honey has been so very patient with my funk.
He put up the Christmas lights and bought the Christmas tree.
I so appreciate his effort and love him a bunch.
I tried going to the mall to see if I could find a little more
Christmas spirit, but all I wanted to do once I got there was leave.
I so don't mean to bring anyone down, but through it all I 
believe I have found the answer.
Christmas is not in the stores or malls, 
it's in our hearts and mine is just a little lonely.
I'll be fine, this to will pass.  
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family, 
and a life I love!!

So please accept my apologies for being neglectful and a bit of
a Scrooge. 
 It's reassuring to know that even Scrooge got a 
second chance.
Lot's of love to you and yours this
Holiday Season!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Memories

Wow what a whirlwind of a weekend it has been around here. 
 Besides the 100 mph winds and the cold, I have been so busy getting ready for the one Christmas Bazaar that I will be participating in.
 The bazaar ran all day Saturday and Sunday and it was packed.
 I tell ya I wish  I could be in a show everyday of the week, I enjoy it so.  
The artists that attend and participate in this events were just amazing, so talented, sharing and kind.
I was blushing red with all the complements I was getting regarding my work
 and all the encouragement to keep going and not to give up on my art.  
When I got home Sunday night I was beat in a good way.  
It felt great to end my day with a big exhausted smile on my face.
I just want to send out a big "Thank You", to all those who came to the bazaar both buyers and sellers.  Thank you for giving so freely of your heart and your encouragement.  
You strengthen me and give me hope and direction.

I really needed this weekend to get me going in the right direction
and pulled out of my Christmas funk.

I don't know why but this Christmas season has been a real hard one for me.
Maybe it's because my family is divided between Oregon and Utah this year.
My heart just has not been in it this year. 
 I see all the beautiful blogs showing their Christmas Cheer and Decor, and I just get tired and overwhelmed.
But after this weekend I think the Christmas bug has finally found me.
Although its a bit late I did go out and buy a Christmas Tree today.
I chose a white pre-lite tree this year and am a bit excited to get it decorated.

I wanted a silvery white tree that reminded me of the one my Grandma Garcia use to have.
Although hers was move silver than white it turned and had such a beautiful glitter to it.
I looked for a picture of the tree before I went shopping for my tree
but could not find one.  
I did however find some great pictures of Santa, my sister, my cousin and me.

This is my sister, she is so cute with her braid and bangs and in her PJ's.
She's still beautiful, so put together and my best friend.

My little cousin Calvin Lee, we all called him Lee, Lee growing up.  
I just love the boots and vest, what a sweetie.
Although he is all grown up and moved away he will always be in so many of my childhood memories.

And then there's me, I look like I just woke up. 
 I was 2 1/2 in this picture and believe it or not I remember this night
 and Santa visiting my Grandparents House.  
This was also the last Christmas that I would share with my Grandma Garcia. 

Oh how I loved those Christmas's as a child with Santa jingling his bells
as he walked up the drive and in the front door.
This tradition was carried on with my own children by their Grandpa Garcia.
Although my dad was a big bad biker, we always had a 
Santa at Christmas time.
There was nothing better than seeing my dad sit on Santa's lap.
I know I have a picture somewhere.
I am so thankful for my dad and all the efforts he made to make each 
Christmas a special one.
I hope that my children can look back on their Christmas with as much
joy and happiness as I do.
And although I will not have my little Christmas Jax here with me 
this year,

 I know he'll be here in the 
New Year
 I will always have my memories of my dad him with me in my heart.

Merry Christmas Dad, I love you!!

I'm so lucky to have such amazing Christmas memories and even more blessed
to be able to make more with my family.
I love you sweet family all of you
 both near or far, weather it be in Oregon or Los Vegas.  
 On the East or West side of town
you are all in my heart always.

Thanks to my blogging family as well for 
sharing all of your Christmas wishes and memories.