Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little painting fun!!

I just thought I'd share a little painting I've been working on. 
I woke up one night around 2:00 A.M. and just had to go draw her.  So I thought you might like to see the step by step processes of my creating.  This little gal was painted on a piece of wood with acrylics and chalks as well as a little bit of colorful paper.

This is how I find my peace of mind, bringing my dreams to life.  I can't explain the joy I feel when  my vision comes to life right in front of my eyes. 

Be brave my friends, take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself. 
Just go throw some paint on a canvas and see what happens.
Thanks again for sharing in my joy!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Life Bearable x0x0

I took a little break from painting and tried my hand at a little sewing.

What I love about this project is that it gives me the opportunity to use up all those little scraps of fabric.

So after a little mixing and matching, a stitch here and a stitch there and then you have it.

Mr. Bearable,

Well there you have it!!  Sewing has always been a passion of mine.  I was so happy with the way
Mr. Bearable turned out I think I'm going to put him up for sale on Etsy.

Now I'm off to make one for my Grandson. 

Thanks for dropping by.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcom to my new STUDIO

Well long last I have got my Studio in order, or somewhat in order.  I think that my studio is always a work in progress.  We will need to go back to the beginning to start this tour.  I'll show you some before, after and in the middle shots.

1st desk
 This is what I started with, just a table and a roll-away organizer.  The clutter of this table started to make me crazy, so I went online and found a used desk.  With some help from my husband and son and $100.00 later, I started to get organized.

Now I was really starting to feel like an Artist with her own studio!! But there was still aways to go yet!

   Just because I have a new desk did not mean that  I was able to stay organizedSo I decided that I needed more space and yes another desk, this one for sewing.

So I did it, I cleared out an extra bedroom and took over.  And again with the help of my every helpful husband and son, we added cupboards as well as a desk.  After adding those items it was time to go to work on the curtains and walls.  For the curtains I used some old cloth napkins that I got at and estate sale.  I love how much more light I now get in my studio.  I then started to hang my own art around the room along with all my nik-naks.  I also painted one cupboard with chalkboard paint so I could write down my to do list.

Before and after of chalkboard!
The old chandelier needed a little makeover as well, and the rest as they say is history.

now a few nik-naks

still want to paint something on these cupboards and the closet door.  I would like to add some cute little saying or meaningful quote to the walls.  But all in all, I'm really pleased with my new studio and can wait to get to creating!!
Thanks for visiting, please come again!!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Searching for SPING, finding old times.

 Well if spring won't come to me then I will go to spring.  That's right, I headed south for a couple of days.  And what amazing days they were, all spent at the spa, yes I said spa!!  When I left SLC, Utah, it was cold with rain turning to snow.  When I reached St. George, Utah, it was 75 degrees and sunny at 5:30P.M.
I was in heaven!!  But I still had 40 miles south to go to Mesquite, NV.  We arrived at 6:00P.M and it was 77 degrees, the birds were singing and the palm trees were swaying softly in the breeze.

I was set for three days of sitting in the sun and relaxing at the spa.  It was the first road trip my sister and I had been on in years.  Although we only live a few miles away from each other and chat weekly, this was a much needed get away.

My sister is two years older than me and has always been one of my best friends.  We look so much a like, I always get mistaken for her and she for me.  Growing up my mother would always dress us alike but in different colors.  We went everywhere together and depended so much on one another.

We have always been very close and have so many common interest.  I was great to sit and relax and talk about old times as well as the things to come. 

So, in my search for spring I found the sun, and the love of my big sister all over again.  I now watch my own daughters who are also two years apart and see them sharing the same love and friendship that my sister and I have shared and it warms my heart.

  The journey that I have shared with my sister has not always been sunny and warm or included palm trees, but I would not trade them or her for the world.  In a way she will always be the spring in my heart.
I hope she knows and I will make a point of letting her know more often just how much I enjoy her company and love her.  I look forward to may more years of sipping tea at the spa, and reading the morning paper while  laying under the palms.

I hope you can all find your place in the sun and someone special to share it with.  I wish you many sunny days, be well.