Saturday, December 11, 2010

High and Mighty Hair

Good day all ye seekers of Creative Truth and Joy.

I came across this picture the other day in my mother's family photo album, and oh the memories it sparked.

Mrs. High and Mighty Hair

I look at this picture and ask myself, "How did she get that much hair that high?!!"  I think this hair style may very well be illegal in some states.  Another thing that comes to mind is, "Isn't Aqua Net flammable?"  I know for a fact that she was a chain smoker. Now that's walkin' on the wild side. 

Just imagine as a small child of seven, how big,  tall, and impressive that hair was to me.  I would sit and watch my mother and her friend, we'll call her, "Mrs. High and Mighty Hair," (I have to change the name to protect the foolish and possibly the criminally insane) rat and tease every last strand of hair.  The room was filled with a cloud of Aqua Net hairspray that would get in your mouth, and the taste would stay there for at least three days minimum.  They would gossip, drink coke and rum, and play cards. All the while enjoying one cigarette after another, oh the good old days(1970). 

my mom

The one event I recall the most was the time our family, my aunts family, and Mrs. High and Mighty Hair all went camping at the "Lake".  The Lake was a small reservoir located in Bridgeland, Utah.  It was small enough to always be warm, and isolated enough to be private and clean with a nice sandy beach.  It was a perfect summer paradise. 

That summer all three families headed for our little hide away in the country with great anticipation of swimming, campfires, and  roasted marshmallows. 
Upon arriving the children immediately went swimming and the adults, or should I say, "the so called adults" went about setting up camp.  As that summer day wore on we children played, as well did the parents.  For us kids out came the Kool-Aid, PB&J sandwiches and grapes. And for the adults, ham sandwiches, ice cold coke's and of course a little rum. 
me and my big sis
Upon the sun setting a campfire was built, hot dog sticks were selected from the near by willows, and the roasting began.

The children circled the fire. We cooked our dinner and dessert while our parents played poker and acted silly. As the night went on the children got quieter and the parents got louder.  The littlest ones wandered off to bed leaving only us big kids of seven, me and my cousin Lee, and my sister and her friend, both nine, to tend to the important stuff, what ever that may be.

my sister roasting dinner

Well, that night we became spectators to the now infamous "Lake Brawl of 1970."  That's right, apparently my aunt felt that my uncle was a little too interested in the makings of Mrs. High and Mighty's Hair, and how she did those things she did to that hair.  So to make a long story short, the table went flying, chips and cups included, and the cat fight was on.  My parent's and uncle tried their best to break up the scratching and  screeching balls of hair going at each other on the damp sand, but it was to no avail.  And that's when it happened, the hair, the most amazing hair of all time, the gravity defying hair of Mrs. High and Mighty Hair, came off in one large chunk.  Everything went silent, you could hear nothing but heavy breathing, panting, and then an earth altering scream, that is to this day I'm sure still floating in space.  IT WAS A HAIR PIECE, and my aunt held it and all its glory in her balled up fist, but for only a moment before she sent it sailing into the camp fire. Needless to say the party was over and my aunt and her family headed out in the middle of the night, as well did the now Not so High and Mighty Hair lady.  Our family finished up a quiet weekend at the lake, with our parents acting their age and us kids swimming and roasting.

me and my baby bro
We traveled to the "Lake" many times after that year, never again with my aunt and her family, and although it was always fun I don't think any trip was as memorable as the "Lake Brawl of 1970." 
Oh good times...

Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane with me.  I hope it made you laugh and want to go out and make great memories with your friends and families, no matter how Hairy.

Much love x0x0


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Wonderful post! Thank goodness huge hair is no longer in style! But it does make for great conversation decades later! Really enjoying your blog! Have a terrific New Year!
Take Care,

Charlene said...

Those photos of the hair are histerical!!!! And the brawl at the lake... I can just imagine. It's good it didn't scare you little ones away. Thanks for the laugh. Have a great week! Charlene

vintagesusie & wings said...

OK Debbie...this post craked me up!! Those pictures of the HAIR are crazy funny & the story of that ratted mess going in the fire...let's just say I would have loved to see that, as a child or as an adult. LOL
Really...GOODTIMES!!! ;)

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