Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to the grind

Well I have been recovering nicely and time has flown by.  It is now time for me to head back to work.  Yes time to wake up with the working class at 5:00 A.M. and start back at the eight hour grind.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have my health back, and in today's economy glad to have a job to go back to. 
But I worry about this wonderful creative spirit I have nurtured while I've been out on medical disability.  During this time, my art has saved me.  It has given me the rehabilitation that no doctor or pill could give me.  I have been able to open up my mind and let it soar higher than I ever thought possible.  I'm am so grateful to have found my joy and passion in creating art.  I know that this desire to create is too great to just fade away, it may need to be scaled back a bit, but not forgotten.

But to be honest what's really got me tossing and turning at night is the idea of parting with the little love of my life " Baby Jacks".  That's right, I have grown so used to caring for him daily, that I am going to miss him.  I know he will still be cared for by his wonderful mommy or daddy his big pa pa, auntie ally or uncle tony, but I'll still miss him.
Today while I was putting Jacks down for a nap, I just sat there and held him after he fell a sleep.  Looking down at that perfect little face, with his dark lashes resting on his chubby little cheeks, I made time stand still, for just that moment.  I remembered having those same moments with my own children when they were little, making time stand still just long enough for me to store it away in my heart.  Although I know Jacks will be waiting more me when I get home and he will probably sleep right through the whole idea of me being at work, I will still miss him something terrible.  Now who sounds like the real baby?

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