Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time to FLY!!!

 I want to share a little story with you about what happened at work the other day.

I was chatting with a co-working, and he was telling me about his future dreams. Believe it or not working for eBay was not his life’s dream. He want to be an actor, yes you heard me an actor, and why not. Who am I to say it couldn’t happen. I looked at his youthful face, saw the twinkle of life in his eyes and know that he could be anything he put his mind to. I encouraged him to follow his dreams no matter what others might say.

I figure those who criticize and nay say, only do so because they don’t have the courage to follow their own dreams. I explained that life is better lived without regrets, and that the biggest regret he will ever have is not trying. He thanked me for the encouragements and announced that he was going to do it. He was going to write his dreams down and start making plans. I loved his energy; I could see the wheels turning and his determination growing.

As I turned back to my work at hand I could not get the conversation out of my head. That's when I realized that I did not practice what I preached. How many times had I thought about making a change? So I decided to take my advice and speak my dreams out loud and work towards making them come true. What are my dreams you may ask, well they are to CREATE, leaving this place a lovelier place than when I arrived.

So I did it, I gathered up my belongings said my goodbyes and quit my job. It was time for me to start down a new path. I went home put together some paintings and sewing projects I had completed, typed up a letter of introduction and sent it all off to a publisher, remember no regrets.

Talk about walking the walk, I did it, I took my own advise. I've always heard that when one door closes another one opens, well I sure hope so.

When I walked out of that eBay building that day I took a deep breath, filled my lungs with the sweet promise of life and all that it can be. I've been painting non-stop ever since. Ideas started to wash over me like an oceans wave. My mind was free to accept all the possibilities; there is no room for fear and uncertainty.

My next plan of action is to open and Etsy Store and then hit the pavement and start peddling my art. And instead of working for eBay, I will put eBay to work for me.

Am I scared? Heck yea, but it feels great, I feel a live and full of energy again. The good Lord gave me these talents and abilities it's now time to shine and make him proud. In the one week I’ve been FREE, I’ve completed four paintings and multiple drawings for future sewing projects. I also decided to start designing and sewing my own clothing. I want to get that perfect fit for the gal that is a little more endowed up top, no more straining buttons and seams for me. I want light and airy, comfy cozy without looking sloppy and over sized. I'll keep you posted with my designs.

I also intend to work on some attractive little boy clothing for my grandson. Every time I go shopping for him it all looks the same and then you look over at the girls department and you’re wowed with colors and options. I tell you that grandson of mine is going to be styling his grandmas designs pretty soon now.

Plans are also underway to set up all of my sewing and art in one studio inside the house, yea no more chilly garage. I'll also keep you posted on the making of my studio. Oh yea did I mention that I am recently unemployed and not drawing a paycheck? So I’ll have to make do with all the fabric and supplies that I have on hand. It's time to get real creative, I love a challenge.

I don't know if this was the practical move for me, but I do know that it feels like the right move for me. I've been blessed with an amazing husband, encouraging children and great friends that tell me I can do anything I set my mind to. They all know how stubborn I can be. My dad use to say, “Tootsie you never have liked to take "no" for an answer, and baby girl it has served you well because you never stop trying”.

And most importantly, who am I kidding if I’m not at work every day then I can spend more time with baby Jacks my favorite (and only) grandson.

I pray you wish me well and I thank you for all your friendship and support. Remember to write down your dreams and every chance you get, in your own way start making them come true.


Lisa said...

Hello Debbie,
Thank you so much for your kind words this morning! I love your blog and I will definately be a regular, I can't wait to follow you on your journey! I remember how overwhelming it was at first to set up my etsy shop and figure out how to make prints of my artwork . It was also the most exciting thing I had ever done and although sometimes (most times) I do without sleep I am the happiest I have ever been! If you advice on anything don't hesitate to ask. Have a beautiful day my dear,
Lisa Ferrante

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh Sweet Heart,
Your post is Perfection written down!
It's daring to dream of another life. It's taking a risk in a scary world & sending out your own positive inner life force to the universe & allowing all your dreams to come true!
I have recently taken this same path, after my trip to Texas...seeing with new eyes. That's what it's all about.
I wish you enormous success, I know you will be fabulous at anything you do cuz your spirit says 'I'm open for what lays ahead of me'.
Best of luck darlin & take a road reveals itself out there on the road. Just remeber, not all that wander are lost!

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