Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bless my gypsy soul

Well after four days of raging fever and non-stop coughing, it looks like I’m going to make it.  
I guess I am the perfect poster child for why you should get the flu shot, 
I won’t risk it next year, that’s for sure.
I tell you what, laying in bed sick all these days it has give me plenty of time to think.  
Now for some that could be a good thing, but for me who has a gypsy soul, 
it could spell trouble. 
That right in my stages of fever pitch delirium 
wander lust set in and I began to wonder, 
“what if” or  “just maybe”.
What if I just let my gypsy loose, let her free, 
let her follow her dreams for a change, just where would she take me?
Well I’ll tell you where she’d take me, 
That’s right this little gypsy as always dreamed of living in Oregon,
 ever since she was ten years old and went there on a family vacation. 
Through all her years and many travels none have called to her more
 than the forests and ocean of Oregon. 

All she needs to do is hitch up her wagon, or in this case her 1968 Ideal, and hit the road.

She’s already got a beautiful little lot all picked out,
 it located on the Siletz River, just outside of Lincoln Oregon.

Sure it would mean selling everything that couldn’t fit into the back of a pickup truck and the trailer. (fortunately the Harley fits just right in the pickup bed)

Our cat Smokey
 could ride up front with Ray and I,
and our two bulldogs,
Meatball and LuLu could ride next to the Harley.

That’s it;
this gypsy is ready to roll!!

Crazy you my say, but if not now when?  
When is it OK to be a little or a lot crazy and chase after your dreams?
 My baby is going to be 22 years old this April,
not much of a baby anymore;  and my other two children,
my grandson and son-in-law are already living in Oregon.
I’m going to be 47 years old this July, again I ask you
“if not now, when?”

It’s not this gypsy’s dream to live in this little trailer forever,
only while building her dream home. 

A single level Timber Home, no more than 2000 sq ft,
 two bedrooms, two and a half baths and a back deck over looking the river.

This little beauty is only 1580 sq. ft.

Wow, what a dream!!!

But alas after several more Advil the fever has broke and sanity is starting to set in. 
Time to rein in my little gypsy,
get out of bed take a shower,
get dressed and join the land of the living once more. 
But even as I dry my hair and say hello to a new day,
 there’s still a little gypsy inside of me that’s whispering,
“just maybe”.

Can't you just see me sitting on the back porch,
sipping a warm cup of tea,
I know I sure can!!
I also wanted to share with you my latest creation.
I needed a break from the sick bed and so I came upstairs
picked up my paint brush and this is what I came up with.

She's titled,
"gingerly dreaming"
maybe she's got a little gypsy in her soul.


Loretta said...

Oh you had me going there for a while...I really thought you were off to Oregon! lol. Hope you continue to feel better...that flu can really zap your energy. Your painting is wonderful...Maybe she does...afterall, you created her when your Gypsy was visible, right? Have a wonderful week! Hugs

rkbsnana said...

Oh, girl! I was getting so excited about your move. We're having another round of flu in our area too. I don't think we had a cold enough winter. Take care. Feel better.

Isabel said...

Glad you are feeling better:O) Oregon? I know its a beautiful place but it RAINs all the time there:( But Love the plans you have for the house:O) follow those dreams:O)

Baxter's Mom said...

Wow, I almost thought you were ready to pack up and go! I've never been to Oregon, but I hear it's beautiful! I love your new piece...a part of my heart as always been in Paris!

Chris said...

Hi Debbie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh... what wonderful dreaming. That timber home is *so* beautiful!! Love your 'gingerly dreaming' piece. She is so sweet. Thank you so much for joining us 'in the studio' to share this week! So nice to meet you! Hope you are feeling better! :)

Diana said...

Hi Debbie,
I love your Dream. I have dreams of moving to Washington. Your painting is beautiful. I'm glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see what you paint next.



Diana said...

Hello again Debbie,
I just had to pop in again and say I hope you are able to make this dream come true. Would your husband be able to find work in Oregon? I love that timber cottage you showed. Ah, What an awesome dream. Load up that camper and go girl. Your gypsy is waiting.

Hugs again,


Clare said...

Ohh I love your dreaming - isn't it wonderful to let the mind wander, to play with different what ifs and see where they lead. I hope some of your dreaming come true for you - you really just never know!

SwirlyGirl said...

Your gypsy dreaming sounds quite magical, and I agree with your comment "if not now when?" I like your painting "gingerly dreaming" - there is a theme going on here :)

Diana said...

Hi there Debbie,
Just want to say I miss your sweet posts. Hope you are ok.

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