Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diamond in the ruff!!

That's right my little '68 Ideal is just that,
a diamond in the ruff, 
a weed among the roses,
just take a look at our neighbor.

Our maiden voyage was great, we had no problems, 
everything worked.
And my little lady pulled along like a champion, 
no swaying, just straight down the road.

Moab was amazing and not crowed at all,
that's the way I like it, room to breath.
Just check out my view every morning when I 
woke up.

The weather was perfect so we decided to take 
a river rafting trip, down the Colorado River.
We had a very talented guide and were surrounded by breath
taking views.

We also made a few new friends along the way a couple from 

and one local Blue Hearing.

After a day of boating we decided to take a ride around town.

I had a chance to drop into some of the cute shops that 
line Moab's main street.
What a blast!!!
I looked up an artist friend while I was in town.
Her name is Cathya Savage-Haas, she the proud owner of
the cutest little shop called:

"Savage Spirit"
An Art Adventure

If you get a chance go take a look at the amazing
Tie die work she does
and the beautiful jewelry her husband makes.

I can't wait to get some of my own art work in her shop.
This is a painting I did when I got home from my trip.
It is my tribute to Moab.

Well I'm off to Oregon now, I need to see my little Oregon family.
Honey and I will be ridding the Harley on this trip.
It's always quite an adventure ridding 800 miles in one day.
Talk about being saddle sore!!
See you soon with 
updates from my Oregon trip.


Loretta said...

Oh what an adventure! Hi Debbie, stopped by to visit and to say hello. I've missed a lot, but hope to catch up soon! Hubby is doing well and I'm stealing a little time to blog...Hope you have a wonderful evening! Hugs, Loretta

rkbsnana said...

Have fun!

Creatively yours Fi said...

What a fabulous post! I felt like I took a trip myself :)) I love your wee caravan and what gorgeous fabulous! Not too sure about 800miles on a Harley though..ouch ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the post! We will be RVing there in June. I'll definitely check out the shop and maybe do some rafting. I love the scenery there!

Clare said...

What a beautiful place - I love how you have done up your 'caravan' - it really must be the coolest one on the road. And scrolling down I see you ride a big bike - you really seem to love adventure! Safe riding and looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure - with lots of pics to so I can pretend I went there too.

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