Monday, August 12, 2013

All Done!!!

All Done!!!
That's right after months of little decorative touches here and there
I am finally DONE!!!!

You may remember the first thing I started with months ago were the curtains.
and an Oregon Coast color pallet

I got the idea for my curtains from this picture I took at Mammoth Falls.

I wanted something white and foamy

So  I chose to go with white and ruffles to give me the cascading white foamy waters.  I was not disappointed with my finished product
I think I maybe could have added a few more ruffles to the long window curtains, but all in all, I like what I ended up with

You may remember my color pallet from my old post months back,

This is the print of a bed spread I came across at the local  Home Goods Store.
This particular bed spread only came in a Queen size and I needed a King size, so 
I had to do a little improvising of my own.

This is what the Queen size spread looked like on my bed before I made some additions.
So in keeping with the ruffles of the curtains, I added four layers of ruffles to the 
bed spread.

I made a separate panel of ruffles and attached it to the edge of the 
Queen spread.

And here is what I ended up with, again pretty happy with the results.
This way I get the look I wanted without having to try and lift the King size
mattresses in order to put on a dust ruffle.
Then I added a little chair I had recovered a while ago and a little end cabinet  
I painted up with some Iris's on it.

I love this little cabinet because it give me someplace to hide my books and such.
The chair is just a nice place to sit when I put on or take off my shoes.
I also have a little bench that I use to put at the bottom of my bed.
I moved it over to the wall and covered it with a throw I made,
 out of some extra fabric.

This also give me a place to sit and relax.
And remember the old window I salvaged from my dining area years
ago when I replaced all the windows in my house.

Well, I still have it but I added a little something to jazz it up a bit, 
as well as painted my room a peaceful blue.

Just in case your not able to read what my fabric flag banner says, 
"Happily ever after"
I made this little flag banner out of some fabric scraps I had lying around.
I think it added just the right touch of "sweetness".
And for some final touches I have one of the first pictures I ever painted 
hanging on the wall.

This painting has one of my favorite quotes on it by 
Elanor Roosevelt.

For the finishing  touches I placed a nice full, 
"Creeping Charlie"
on top of my black armor that houses my television.

and a fresh vase of 
"Sun Flowers" 
cut from my garden in the back yard, 
and my little "heart" shaped rocks

Well that's it, there you have it,
 my finished bedroom, 
I think I'll go pick up a few little white throw pillows for the 
bad and call it a day.

Hope you enjoyed sharing in my bedroom project!!!

Much love to all!!!

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Loretta Thomas said...

Hi Debbie, so glad you are done with your love your colors, and especially the curtains. Great job!
Best Wishes,

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