Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I'm so excited to be able to share some great news.
I have been working so hard to find an outlet for my art work, 
and now I have one.

I am so happy to announce my affiliation with:
"The Store Stuff"
This is such a cute little shop in the heart of 
Holladay, Utah.
Just take a look at all the wonderful stuff they have.

See that lovely painting up on the wall, that's one of mine!!

There's my other paintings of my little ladies!!
And all sorts of cute spring clothes!!!

Lot's of fun gift ideas for that special little someone!!

Cute table settings!!

Love the Cat Clocks!!

If they don't have it, you just don't need it!!

It's well worth your time to come by and take a peek at all the fun "STUFF"!!
I just dropped off a couple a more paintings that will be up for sale real soon.
Take a look:

"Pinky the trailer"

"Red Rider"
I'm so happy that I have been able to find a home for my art that I just love as well.
So grateful to be able to share my art with others and watch them 
enjoy it as much as I do!!
Well I need to get back to the studio, lots more that needs to be created for,


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