Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcom to my new STUDIO

Well long last I have got my Studio in order, or somewhat in order.  I think that my studio is always a work in progress.  We will need to go back to the beginning to start this tour.  I'll show you some before, after and in the middle shots.

1st desk
 This is what I started with, just a table and a roll-away organizer.  The clutter of this table started to make me crazy, so I went online and found a used desk.  With some help from my husband and son and $100.00 later, I started to get organized.

Now I was really starting to feel like an Artist with her own studio!! But there was still aways to go yet!

   Just because I have a new desk did not mean that  I was able to stay organizedSo I decided that I needed more space and yes another desk, this one for sewing.

So I did it, I cleared out an extra bedroom and took over.  And again with the help of my every helpful husband and son, we added cupboards as well as a desk.  After adding those items it was time to go to work on the curtains and walls.  For the curtains I used some old cloth napkins that I got at and estate sale.  I love how much more light I now get in my studio.  I then started to hang my own art around the room along with all my nik-naks.  I also painted one cupboard with chalkboard paint so I could write down my to do list.

Before and after of chalkboard!
The old chandelier needed a little makeover as well, and the rest as they say is history.

now a few nik-naks

still want to paint something on these cupboards and the closet door.  I would like to add some cute little saying or meaningful quote to the walls.  But all in all, I'm really pleased with my new studio and can wait to get to creating!!
Thanks for visiting, please come again!!! 


Joe's blog said...

Wonderful. I'm a bit envious.

oldgreymare said...

well my studio has long been complete but you are miles ahead of me on the painting venue.

It is akin to me learning to walk. All the mediums and types of paints and inks. SO much fun and satisfying to have my brain working overtime lol

Enjoy your new space, every woman deserves a "woman cave" don't you think?


diane cook said...

Debbie...I love it! Congratulations....isn't it wonderful to have such a great space to create? I love that chalkboard girl! I want one of those~xoxo

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