Thursday, May 26, 2011

One husbands trash is a wives treasure

Some years back we changed the windows out in our home.  At that time with much demanding I was able to talk my husband into putting some of the old windows in the garden shed.  I was sure I could make something amazing out of those great old windows.

Now back to the present day(10 years later) Its time to clean out the garden shed and there sits those windows.  And again, my husband wanted to throw them out right away, and again I demanded.  So that day just to prove my point I whipped up a little something.

One window down only eight more to go!!!   
I can't explain my obsession with these old windows, but I just couldn't throw them out. 

So I made a window with dried flowers behind the glass, then I added a few hooks and an old glass door knob along with a ribbon and a skeleton key and there you have it.

This one I added again dried flowers behind the glass along with two old pull handles.
This window has dried flowers behind the glass along with a inspirational saying.
"Always remember to dance after the storm."

The moral to my story: Something old can be new again.  I hope my windows have stirred your imagination and got your creative juices flowing.
Happy Creating  


Clare said...

i agree with you about old windows - wonderful things and useful. my man collects them and makes stunning furniture out of them. i've also made blackboards and used them as frames for art work. isn't 'junk' just glorious stuff?

susie said...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Sweet Friend...
I LOVE what you've done with your old windows!!! Very creative & functional too.
Big Hugs & Some Rusty Wire, ;)

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