Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From drab to fab!!!

I love paint, there I said it.  It's true I can't pass up the rejected paint shelf in Home Depot without stopping and buying.  To me there is no such thing as the wrong color mix!!!  I make my husband crazy with all my mix and match paint cans in his garage.  He's always telling me to clean it out, that there is no way I'll every use all that paint and all those different colors.  He should know better by now than to dare me!!  Because he had just talked me into getting ride of this old dresser that I had just sitting around(yes in his garage again).                                                    
old dresser missing some knobs and taste.

So I took that old dresser and decided to give it new life with a little sanding, paint, paper and knobs.  I thought it would make the perfect potting bench for my back yard.  I thought that's where I'll use that  bright orange paint I picked up.  I'll add some colorful flower on the side, a little something to ad some spark to my back yard.  So I sanded down the dresser and took off the old pull handles and knocked out the drawer divider.

Once I got  it all ready for paint I had a change of heart.  Instead of painting it orange and putting out in the garden, I'd put it inside of my house.  Again my husband told me there was no room in our house for the dresser, and again I would have to prove him wrong.
Just look and see what I did with that dresser,
I added a little paper,
Some white paint, new knobs and took it inside.  It fit perfect my front room.
So I ask you all what have we learned for this little project?  Never tell your wife that she "Can't" do something.
Hope you enjoyed my afternoon project, hope it got your creative wheels turning.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! This is gorgeous!! How very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
Found you through Karen's upcoming Where Bloggers Create guest list.
I'm speechless with all the amazíng artists throughout blogland.

Much love!

Anonymous said...

PS--Took your beautiful button and added it to my doorbell collection. Those eyes are amazíng.

Also added you to my sidebar blogroll to not miss a thing.

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