Monday, July 11, 2011

My first paying customer!!

That's right It official I had a paying customer or should I say two.
my first customers!!!
These two lovely gals bought a couple of my prints at Liberty Days in Liberty Ut.
At the urging of my sweet best friend, Stevie, I participated in my first art festival over the 4th of July.
I was way excited and way nervous as well, I was plagued with uncertainties.  What if I wasn't good enough, what if nobody stopped by my booth, was I just wasting my time and kidding myself?
Well even with all those fears running wild in my mind, I set up my little table and hoped for the best.

  It was a small event and I was only going to be able to stay for two hours, I had to catch a plane to Oregon that afternoon.  Like I said this was the first time I ever tried a public booth at a fair and wow was it fun.
And can you believe it I actually sold some of my prints as well as bookmakers,  journals and some jewelry.  I also got great response from all the fair goers.
I had so much fun talking about my art and how I was inspired to do what I do.  I met a lovely lady named Susie,  her daughters were my first customers.  Well Susie was great and she brought all her family by my booth and they also bought some of my art.  She was such a sweetie, she told me she was an artist as well and she loved my work.  Come to find out she lives pretty close to me and we exchanged numbers.  She wants to get together and have me paint some pictures of her daughters, wow that's right me paint pictures of her beautiful daughters.
What a day, the best two hours I have spent in the hot sun in a long time.  Well I'm hooked as soon as I get back from Oregon, I'm going to check out every craft and art bizarre in my area.

I want to thank all those great artist friends of mine that follow my blog and all their great blogs that I follow, if it wasn't for you guys I would never have taken the chance.  I would still be in my studio painting and not sharing, to afraid to put myself out there.
Thank you, thank you for your strength and courage!!!

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