Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying to catch up with myself...

Wow it has been a busy few weeks around here, I just finished up four Saturdays at Holladay Harvest Festival.  The festival was a great success,  I had a blast, met some great people and the response to my work was so cool.  It's great to hear compliments on my work and such positive feed back, it makes me realize that all my time was not wasted.  I came up with a couple more originals for the festival.

This is one of my fav's I call it "her airstream", I love the clothes line and the wine.  It was a big hit and I have the original for sale at my Etsy Shop.

This little pixie makes me smile, I love her eyes and her smile.  This original is also for sale at my Etsy Shop.

Drop by and take a peek, I have listed several additional originals for sale.

With the festival over and a little free time on my hands I headed out to Oregon to see my sweet little grandson.   My husband and I, jumped on the Harley and did the 845 mile drive in one day(I was missing my baby Jax pretty bad)

No matter how many times I go to Oregon it gets more and more beautiful.  We had a great time fishing and going to the beach and nothing makes it better than Jackson.
 I love the fresh air down by the beach and how the mist that fills the air covers your face with  salty kisses.

The Oregon countryside is just as beautiful with all the vineyards and acres -n- acres of farm land and of course, BARNS!!!

And then there was this little beauty, boy the stories she could tale!!!  

She sites on a little over a 1/4 acre on the corner lot of a small town called Independence Oregon.  Although she looks like she's on her last leg that's OK.  She is surrounded by wild black berry bushes, a small detached garage and a small green house that would make an amazing art studio.  All of this for just $80,000.00  that's right she's for sale.  I tell you what, my husband is luck she wouldn't fit in the Harley saddle bags or I would have taken her.

But all to soon I had to leave and head back to Utah.  Going home was a slower ride and we broke the 845 miles in to two days.  Now back at home the garden is giving me the stink eye for all of my neglect.
Well I best get going the garden is calling and it's not going to weed its self.

Thanks for dropping by and sending some of valuable time with me and my wonderings.


June said...

Oh it's so good to meet another barn lover! Every time I go past one I get such a feeling. LOVE them.
Jax is so cute wonder you just had to get to him. I agree about Oregon, it's beautiful. I couldn't live there (I think I would mold) but I love to visit. My parents lived in Lincoln City for years and my grandmother in Bend. Every family vacation was spent on the Oregon coast when I was a child. Funny that I never fell in love with the ocean. I am truly a mountain girl.

Your art is so amazing Debbie. I love it!
It was so fun to look around your beautiful blog, thank you for leaving your sweet comment so I could find you.
blessings to you...

Diana said...

Hello Debbie,
Wow 845 miles in 1 day, on the back of a Harley no less. What a trip. I love the coast too. I love your painting with the Airstream. Soo cute.
When my husband and I went to the coast we went and looked at Airstreams just for kicks. Only 48,000 for a used one. LOL. Congratulations on your soon to be published art in Somerset Studio. I love that magazine.
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. ( and your art).
Have a great day.

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