Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sharing time and talent, love it!!!!

A while back I signed up of a soldering class and due to technical difficulties the class had to be rescheduled, so I waited eagerly for the new class date to arrive.

Well after checking my calendar daily marking off the days, it's now time!!!

I was so excited all day, I couldn't wait for 6:00 pm to roll around so I could finally learn how to solder. It has always been a dream of mine to learn soldering.
I put it on my goal list and now I can cheerfully check it off. 
 It was a blast!!!
The class included myself and four other artists and our teacher the ever lovely and talented
It was so much fun meeting new artists and hearing there stories.
We all had such a great time learning and socializing.
 We all went home with a finished piece of Jewelry.

This is the piece that I made, it reads:
"lives her joy"
"so blessed"

This little saying captures all the emotions I feel about my art and the opportunities that I have to create!!

When class was over I had the privilege to take a fellow artist home.  Her name is Jenny and she is in town for her daughters wedding.  Jenny is from Tasmania, that's right the island.  She was such a joy to chat with and what an artist she is, her jewelry turned out amazing.  She showed us pictures of her daughter wedding dress it was so beautiful, oh did I mention she made the dress, the first week she was in town.  Wow what a gift she was able to give her daughter for that most important day.
So not only did I have a new piece of Jewelry that made me smile, I also have a new friend that also makes me smile.
Thanks Jenny, your the best!!
Have a safe trip home!!

I also wanted to share this lovely little lady I made at none other than Lauri's shop

This little beauty stands 28" high from base to tip top.  I decorated her with the words "seeker" and "searching for self" as well as the nickname my father gave me "tootsie".  I also added a heart and a little girl with butterfly wings, some flowers and of course "glitter", we all need glitter!!
This piece of art is an expression of me and how I feel.
I keep art in my heart and am always searching for more.
 I want to live my life in search of more glitter that will make me sparkle!!

Thank  you all for coming along on this journey with me, its so great not to be alone.
Now go out and find some beauty in your day and share it with the ones you love!!!


oldgreymare said...

A few years back I traveled to Portland to take Soldering for Virgins from Sally Jean Alexander in her personal studio. Sally was/is the leader in the field. An experience I will always remember. Now her life has changed, she is on the road searching for a new home, her gorgeous studio is gone and I have not soldered in years but I always plan to again. I remember the exhilaration you are now experiencing. YAHOO!

Cheryl said...

Debbie, I booked a soldering class one time I was visiting my daughter in the USA, but the lady was ill and cancelled :( I still want to do it so badly. I will it is on my wish list too. Yours is so pretty, love it. I love, love, love your 'lady' I so want a dress form, but I love this minature and yes art is so from the heart and yours must be beautiful cause you make such stunning things. I love it well done!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Debbie,
You did very well with your first soldering project. I think it's gorgeous! And your 'lady' is adorable, cheerfully curvaceous!

Bohemian said...

Debbie how fun... a Friend and I also want to learn to solder and when the right class comes along its definitely something I want to try my hand at. I really want to learn to make those fab altered Art bottles with Chandie Crystals soldered and designed as the Stoppers. Thanks for stopping by with such encouraging and sweet words to my Hissy Fit Post, it felt so good to just get it off my chest. Today was a great day, took the G-Kids to the opening day of the Arizona State Fair and we stayed from Morning 'til Sundown & had a blast, including seeing a fascinating exhibit called "Body Works" which oddly didn't freak the G-Kids out, very educational in fact. How can you NOT be joyous and uplifted at a Fair or Carnival, the atmosphere is something I've always Loved and enjoyed.

Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Diana said...

Hi Debbie,
I,too, want to take a soldering class. Yours turned out beautiful. I received my package. Thank you so much. Can it be possible that your artwork is more beautiful in person. You are one talented lady. My husband even said "Oh I like that, thats Good" I will be sending you a proper thank you by mail.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I love my books.


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