Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the WINNER is.....

I'm so please to be able to say I have had my first giveaway!!! 
It was so much fun, I met new wonderfully talented Artists and got some great quotes to work with.
So with no further ado, the winner is ,


She left a comment and a original quote, that I would just love to share with you!!

Hello there Debbie,I am a follower. My quote is, 
"It's not what happens to you,
 it's how you happen to it." 
I made that one up many years ago. 
BTW I love your painting with the little girl and frog. Sooo cute. I have one posted on my blog called
Keep painting, I just love what you do.

I so excited to be able to meet Diana, and share in all her talents.  She states that she is new to blogging, well I tell ya by looking at her blog you wouldn't know it.
If any of you get a chance I suggest you drop by for a visit an say 
Here's just a taste of her work

Thanks to all who participated in the Giveaway.
I had so much fun with this, think I'm going to have a giveaway more often,  maybe with some original art work next time.
Here's just a few I recently finished up, hope they make you 
"Continue to seek your dreams, they are closer than you imagined."

"Just a little, shy."


Clare said...

Well done to the winner - what a sweet and true quote - i'm hopping over to visit her right now.

Glenn Stenson said...

Saw your note on My Quest, one blog leads to another. Love your stuff! Hope it's okay a guy follows along. One of my quotes is "Be a human smile virus, infect someone."

My creative talent is limited to writing. Feel free to visit my blog at:

Bohemian said...

Congrats to the lucky winner of your 1st generous Giveaway! And thanks for stopping by and enjoying the Post about my Friend's Boutique... yes, they are amazingly talented and Heidi & Tricia create the most amazing Fashions, Accessories & Jewelry, as well as being some of the sweetest Gals you will ever meet.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Diana said...

Hello Debbie,
Just have to say how excited I am to have won your giveaway. I did a feature post over at my blog and showed off some of your paintings.
Thank you again.

Elena said...

I am so happy you found me and started following my blog. I wouldn't have found you, a fellow biker! But I just LOVE your blog and artwork and and and....

Bohemian said...

Thanks for stopping by with such sweet words about my G-Kids... and Congratulations on becoming a Gramma! I LOVE being a Gramma and Great-Gramma... growing old is a privilege not afforded to many & I'm so thankful I have lived long enough to enjoy so many generations of our Family!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Cindy Craine said...

Hey Debbie my millionith time to visit you but I had to come back to you and say OMG I almost forgot to pack my cowboy boots! Thanks for reminding me!!!! I wish you were going with us all. I'll take lots of photos!x0x-cindy

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