Monday, June 4, 2012


Ya know my Honey asked me the other day if I wanted to go 
shooting with him, he wanted to sight in his new gun.
Well of course my first thought was "NO", I want to go play 
in my Jewelry Studio.
But then I remembered just who built that Jewelry Studio, 
and just how grateful I was to have one.
So I wrangled a lunch in there and answered with a smile,
YES, I'd love to!!

We went to his regular spot out in the west desert
 where it was hot and dusty and not much to look at, 
(except for the hansom man with a gun)
I took a couple of shot and hit a bulls eye with my second shot.

I think I impressed my Honey, while sending a bit of an 
intimidating message at the same time.

So once I had achieved the bulls eye, I was done.
As Honey continued to shoot, 
I began to do what has become habit for me, 
I began to clean up after my Honey.

As I picked up the sent casing I placed them neatly 
back in their box, all the time wondering, 
"what could I make out of these?"
Nothing came to me right away so I put the thought aside
and continued to do my part in keeping the desert beautiful.

The next day the idea of 
just what I could do with those spent casing came to me.

Take a look,
 let me know what you think!!!

I put a little note of encouragement inside this casing.

I also put a note in this casing as well but what you
can't see are the multiple holes that I drilled all
over the casing.
Now I can fill the casing with Lavender,
and I'll be able to smell it all day.

Hope you enjoyed my recycled Bullet Casing!!
Thanks for dropping by!!!


Clare said...

Absolutely love this piece of jewelry. I love the little embellishment you have put on the bullet casing - you have turned a real macho thing into something soft and beautiful. You are one creative lady and a good shot by the sounds of things.

Francy said...


You can also etch your honey's name on one for his key chain. (of course you can etch any thing in them.)

I don't have a source for bullet casings so I ordered my already completed off etsy :o)

love your idea of the lavender and note.

Michelle said...

Beautiful! What a great idea! Found your blog from... Artful Blogging? Maybe another publication by the same editors....can't remember now. Having a fun time looking at your creations!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Debbie, it always makes me smile as I collect things that others think.. "what the heck do you want those for?" You know that it has a different life within its self! And look at you! You found it! Those casings are gorgeous!

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