Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just what have I been up to?

I know its been a while and my only excuse is 

I have been so neglectful to my blog and all my sweet followers,
and for that I apologize.

There's been quite a few changes going on as of late, 
these changes have kept me pretty business, 
but there all good changes!!!

I so excited to announce my latest venture!!

I am now in partnership with three amazing ladies and we have
opened our own ART studio.
In the Studio we will be providing creative inspiration as well as instruction.
Each member of the team will be offering hands on
in their creative fields.

I just want to take a minute and introduce you to these amazing ladies.
First off we have
Lauri Grisham-Cox, 
aka "epiphanies of an art girl"

she is the original organizer of "fiore studio"

She is hands down on of the most talented Artists and Amazing Lady that I know!!
Just take a look at a small sampling of her work.

Hope on over to the above facebook link to learn more 
about Lauri and all great talents.

And now introducing one of the sweetest talented jewelry Artist I know,
Stephanie Chavez,

Not only is she adorable, she is a talented Metal Clay Artist.
What is Metal Clay you maybe asking yourself, well I'll tell you it is a blast
that's just what it is and so addictive!!!
Just take a look at some of the items that I created in her workshop.

I made this beautiful charm necklace and earrings for my daughters birthday.

and this sweet charm necklace just for "ME", just because.
The possibilities are endless as to what you can create, and when your done you
have a 99.9% precious metal Silver heirloom.
Her workshops are one's you are not going to want to miss.

also introducing 
Ashley Mitchell
the founder and coordinator of
"Blessings in a Basket"

Sweet Ashley is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
She adds such a soulful balance to our group.
Her nonprofit organization touches the hearts of many women who need
a special friend.
This organization was created to give a supportive community to birth moms
that find themselves pregnant and have made the choice of adoption.
I highly encourage you to drop by and visit Ashley's sites.

And last but not least there's "ME"
Debbie H. Blatt
"your brown eyed girl"

I'm just one creative soul who wants to share!!
Creating is my JOY!!!

To me creating is freedom, there are no rules,
no boundaries.
There are only feelings, expression, color, light and peacefulness.
It is the one place my truth can be told,
where my spirit can run free,
where I can become anything I want to be.
My work varies from Painting to Jewelry Making, to
Creative Sewing.
Here's just a small sampling,

My Girlie's of inspiration!!

Inspiring Torch Soldered Jewelry!!

Inspirational Free form Sewing!!

Oh boy I tell ya,
I could just go on and on about how excited I am for this chapter
of my life to begin.
I have always loved to teach and share my ideas and creations with other.
It's my way of giving to others the
I have in my heart.

I want to touch the lives of those around me
and leave with them a little piece of me.

I would so much love your support in my life's adventure.
Your well wishes and participation always gives
me such strength and courage.
I hope to see you all soon at the,

1323 West 7900 South
suite 201
West Jordan, Utah  84084


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