Sunday, February 16, 2014



I love to try new things,
but for me it just deciding what new things to try
that is the real problem.

There are so many amazing artist out there with all there online e-courses.
So many private chat groups that offer insight and inspiration.

So in my quest to  branch out and take my own interests up an notch
I began to scour the never ending talents of 
I will admit it, I am a
 "Pinterest Junkie"
I find that if I let myself go, I could get lost for hours just 
looking through "Pinterest"

I love to look at all the different artist and their mediums.
As of late I was getting a bit border with my own style and medium.
Like I said I wanted to mix it up a bit.
So in my quest I came across an amazing artist by the name of,
Karen Milstein.
I've admired her work for sometime, so when I saw she was offering
an e-course; I was interested!!

Well I have to tell you all that I took the course and this
 was the best $65.00 I have spent in a long time!!!

I loved her technique and her style of teaching.
I was able to apply what I learned to help me take my 
own style up a notch.
Although I still love my own painting style, 
here's just a couple samples

I have to admit that after Karen's course I have 
found a new favorite technique to combine with my own.

this print out here was the class project for me.

this painting is my interpretation using Karen's techniques 
I feel like I was able to add more life to my paintings, taking them from
a flat cartoon look to a softer more life like vibrant look.
Although my look is still not as faded and soft as Karen's, 
I was able to make it and keep it all 
my own style.
Here's the latest painting I just finished,

starting sketch

adding some color

 my finished  18"x24"
 "Aviator Angle"

I've had so much fun creating my little angle, and I can't 
wait to get started an another painting.

So if any of you out there are looking for a learning experience 
that will help you take it up a level, 
I highly, highly recommend 
Karen Milstein's 
"Simply Faces"

Although I still have a ways to go in making my 
little girlies  more life like, 
I feel I'm heading in the right direction.
Who knows, maybe this is as life like as they're suppose to get.
I'll just have to wait and see
what else I create.
Hope you all enjoyed this little post, 
I know I enjoyed
painting for 
Much love to you from your
"Brown Eyed Girl"

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Maria Charnell said...

Hi Debbie,

Your rag quilt was the reason I bought the Somerset Sew mag this weekend. The mouse and kitty quilt is sooo cute, but the doggie quilts are a bonus to see when I visited your site! WOW, love them. They make my standard baby quilts seem so boring, so I've gotta try one myself. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Maria Charnell

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