Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A mothers work is never done, thank goodness!!

Its funny no matter how old your children get, they still need you; what a great feeling that is!!

My daughter, Alex recently started a new job, she works at a care facility for the elderly. She has already developed a sweet spot for all the residence she meets. Everyday she bubbles with excitement to tell us of the special people she meets and of there interesting life's and funny doings. I'm so glad that she has this opportunity to get to meet and work with such amazing people. I think she might find she's getting more than just a paycheck, and that makes me smile.

My other daughter, McKenzie is getting ready to return to college for her final year of nursing school. She has most recently become a mother herself and is struggling with leaving her sweet baby boy during the day. I had forgot what an emotional time it can be for a new mother. It takes me back to when I had to do the same thing. And speaking with her on the phone this evening brought back all those emotions. I know now why I also had to go through all those emotions myself. It was so I could be prepared to help her through this time in her life and give her sound advise.

My son has also had his challenges. But he's a boy and it's a little harder to read his emotions, because he sure isn't going to talk about them. And that's OK, it's only important to be there just in case, waiting with an open heart and mind. I love that boy, he makes me laugh and no matter how big he gets, he will always be my baby boy, Cody bug.

It makes sense now, that's what all my trials were for, it was to make me a better person and an even better mom. I can now look back with thanks and gratitude for my trials. Its also comforting to know that with any trials that come my way (I sure there will be more) that they will be learning opportunities not just stress and uncertainty. I can now look uncertainty in the eye and say "Bring it on, teach me, mold me, let me learn to understand so that I can help my children grow"(no matter what their age).

I love being a mom. I love knowing that I am still needed and always will be.

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Jen said...

Along the way we all pick up wisdom from someone elses parent. Lessons I pass to my child. Parting words that have always stayed with me and make me stop and think before I act. "Girls! Don't you pull no shi*#y's on me!" A life lesson spoken in one sentence by a truely wise and beautiful person.

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