Friday, August 27, 2010


The funniest thing happened to me this morning. When I woke I was greeted by a cool breeze softly ruffling my curtains. It was a welcome relief from the heat. I felt the breeze calling me to my much neglected garden. I started my garden with good intentions. Hoping that all my watering, weeding and feeding would reward me with a harvest of vegetables. But before I knew it life got in the way. First it was the late frost that reeked havoc on my just sprouting garden. Then came work, bills and blistering heat. Although my desire to have a garden was strong my commitment was lacking. Sure I would go and and pull the occasional weed now and then, but then I would let the days duty's carry me away.

So this morning in search of the a cool breeze and some very much needed quite time, I headed out to the garden. And just like an old friend, my garden was waiting for me. It welcomed me with open arms. Not to mention to my surprise a bounty of vegetable, as well as hollyhocks, mint and sunflowers. It was then that I realized sitting there in the early morning shad on the dew covered grass, that my garden still loved me. It had just been waiting for me to remember, slow down and visit.

So I ran to the house and got a bowl and a cool glass of water, then headed back out to collect my bounty. I began to gather my vegetables and soon my bowl was full to running over of little cherry tomatoes, so I emptied my water glass and began to fill it as well. It was then that it struck me as I gathered my bounty that my little cherry tomato's are like blessings and my cup runith over.

Although I had been neglectful and unattentive the Lord never forgot about me. He was just waiting for me to remember, slow down and visit, and he would bless me with abundance. If I would just take a moment out of my busy day I would realize all the blessing I had received as well as answers to prays.

I hope that your garden runith over with cherry tomatoes as well. And as for the zucchini's, well those are the little blessing we give away in the dark of night, leaving them on unsuspecting neighbors porches.

Many blessing to you!!

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