Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surround yourself with greatness

Wow, talk about being in the company of greatness.  You all need to meet Susie of she is amazing.  I am very new to the blogging game and man is it addictive, and fun.  It gives you an opportunity to meet some of the funnest people without ever leaving the farm.(sort a speak)  Susie is on a road trip right now, on her way to Texas, to one heck of a yard sale.  Stories of her journey have been great along with the pictures.  You wont be disappointed, she's well worth taking the time to get to know.

I also came across a sweet site regarding chickens of all things and more, you just got a go check out this chicken coop

Going to these blogs and getting to know these ladies and their community makes me feel like I'm part of the gang. 
A group of women with the same likes and passions for life.  Their stories can make you laugh, some can make you cry but that's the joy of it, they make you feel.  I can only hope that one day my blog can compare, thanks ladies and keep it up.

I have been doing a little creating on the side lately, just enough to keep me out of touble.  I painted up one little girl and can't come up with a caption to put with her, I'm open to sujestions.

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