Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello, my name is Debbie.

You know sometime in life we just assume to many things.  For example, it was just brought to my attention that my name did not appear anywhere on my blog. 

What a crack up, I guess I just assumed now that I have a blog I am famous, and a household name.  Well not true, although I am a household name in my own home and famous in my own mind. 

The other day I was searching for some jewelry supplies and artist and I came across this great blog: .  The creator of this blog is named Diane and she is an amazing artist.  After reading and viewing her blog I was hooked and became a follower. 
And that's how it was brought to my attention that my name did not appear on my blog. 

Diane went to my blog to introduce her self and get to know me.  But when she got there she could not find my name any where.  Diane, left me a lovely comment as well as the no name information. 
Well for that reason alone she will be forever my BBFF (best blog friend forever).
That she notice that my name was not there means that she did read my blog and she did care.  Wow how great is that when someone takes a real interest in what you've got to say or what your thinking. 

I encourage all of my six followers and any other blogger's that might be browsing my blog to head over and check out Diane's blog, you wont be disappointed.

Much love to you all!!


Diane said...

You are so sweet to post about our fun exchange!
BTW....every time I click on your blog, and hear brown-eyed girl, I think of one year my dd went to cheerleading camp, and that was one of the theme songs of the camp that year! How fun is that?
Take care....

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh, you just happen to meet my bestest blogger buddy!!! Diane is an amazing women & she is 1 of the many reasons I'm headin out to Round Top, Texas from get to meet this mavel in person!!! So glad you stopped by so I could get to meet you Miss Debbie!!!

Linda R said...

Hi, so glad I flew by - your paintings on our FBook group got me over here - they are so darn cute!!! I LOVE the one with them in the water, then I saw your jewelry WOW. I'm following you - love your stuff, fly by if you get the chance ;-) Blog:
my Fan/Biz page

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