Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who knew, setting GOALS really does work!!!

Boy oh boy, it has been a few busy weeks over her in my little studio.

I didn't realize just how much work being in an art  Festival was going to be.  This is my first time doing an art festival let alone a four weekend one, it requires a lot of time and energy to make sure every thing looks just right.  I've had great sales both weekends so far and have had a blast meeting all sorts of folks. 

I've been trying to keep up my inventory by painting when I can.  I'm  taking college classes three times a week.  It has always been one of my personal goals to go to college and I'm thrilled that I am now making that goal a reality. 
I set a couple of more goals for myself this last year and they to are becoming reality.   I never have been much of a goal setter but after taking the e-course "Flying Lessons" by Kelly Rae Roberts, http://kellyraeroberts.com/learn  things have changed.  
While taking the course one of our assignments was to write down our goals.  So I did just that, I wrote them in my note book and every so often I take them out to see how they are coming along.  Was I making any progress in achieving my artistic desires?  

Well looking back I am happy to say a very loud "YES"!!

I attended my first Art retreat in the beautiful mountains of Heber, Utah.

I have started college, taking a drawing, oil painting and jewelry classes. (I decided to ease into college with some fun classes first, next semester comes writing, math and some computer classes.) 

I signed up for a four week art festival as a vendor selling my art!!  

I started a blog and have been sharing with all my fellow artists, friends and family for a little over a year now.

I also participated in a blog around presented by Karen Valentine of "My desert Cottage", and loved it, what a blast!!!

I opened an Etsy shop for selling my art and have actually, sold some!!
I have created my own art space/studio, just for me, a place I can be free to create and grow.

And the latest goal I have achieved is getting my work published.  That's right back in February 2011, I sent in some art work for consideration to the "Somerset Studio Magazine".   And just this last week I received an e-mail for them letting me know that two of my art pieces have been accepted and will be published in their Winter 2012 magazine!!!

Wow,  who would have ever thought that this could all be accomplished by just little ole me.  I would never have believed it if I hadn't written it down and made goals.

There is so much more that I want to accomplish and I will continue to work towards those goals.  Yes it really does work, please take a few minutes and write down your dreams, your goals and all the amazing  things you want out of life.

Don't be afraid there is not dream to big,  or to small, just let your heart soar, set your imagination free and become anything you want to be.  

Happy goal making and achieving!!!


Clare said...

What a lovely inspiring post. I remember when I decided to start writing down my goals about 10 years ago. I was totally amazed when I actually started to achieve some of them. It is a very powerful thing writing down your goals, and then looking back a few years later and seeing how many you can tick off. Congratulations on taking part in an art festival, they can be so much fun, yes hard work too, but then anything worth achieving is hard work. Thanks for getting me all inspired to write a new list of goals. Your art is so uplifting and fun, I'm sure it is a reflection of you!

Barbara German said...

Celebrating with you!!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...


PBsArtStudio said...

Hi, just came by to say thank you for stopping by and Congratulations on going for your goals, I too have been persueing that! I love your artwork , so fun and colorful1 love it! xoxPatti

wanda miller said...

what a happy joyful place to find and your artwork shows this too! congratulations on setting goals and seeing them through! thank you for spreading JOY!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Debbie,

What a wonderful and inspiring post and yes, it is such a good idea to jot down your goals and dreams.
Congratulations on getting an article in Sommerset and good luck with your Art Festival.
Your Artwork is fabulous and fun.

Happy week

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