Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Treasures of Oregon!!

Im back from the beautiful state of Oregon.  I had an amazing time with my family and also got a little treasure  hunting in as well.  I came across this sweet baby doll in this cute little shop called the 
"The fussy duck"
I just love everything about her, she just called to me and I had to answer.

I can't wait to get her cleaned up and a little outfit made for her.
I love her tin eyes that open and close and that sweet little smile.

I also got this great book of Hymns.
I'm going to use then to paper some of my trailers walls.
I just know "Tootsies, Painted Lady" will love it.

Maybe a little inappropriate to have Hymns in my brothel-chic decor
but then again what better place.
I was also able to snag a few little linens, at such great prices I couldn't pass them up.

When I see such beautifully stitched pieces I have to wonder about the talented
hands that did such sweet work.
I was even able to fit a trip to the beach into my visit.  I took about 200 pictures of the ocean(I'm not kidding)but was able to whittle it down to about 50.  I came up with just a few that I'd like to share.

I love this next set of pictures.
It's the start and finish of one wave.

I could have pulled up a lawn chair and sat on that beach all day, contemplating and solving
the great quesitons of life.
I don't know what it is about the Ocean it just calls to my soul.
I had a little visitor while I was contemplating, he seemed to understand
that I had a camera and this was moment to shine.

 I love his reflection!

I think he also loves his reflection!

I know this guy does, ha ha.  My son-in-law, Cole.

That morning before the beach I was able to fit a little fishing with Cole.  
And although I gave up after about 30 minutes he just kept on trying.  
We fished at the Salmon River, what a peaceful place.

This shot of the bridge just struck me as vintage.
It was like Mr. Bridge had just been sitting there just waiting for me to come along so he
could tell me his story.

I love all the moss that clings to all the trees in the area.

And of course I found my dream house while I was there.
or should I say another dream house.

So while Cole kept trying to land the elusive Salmon. 
I, on the other hand had something else on my mind,  Christmas Ornaments!!
Christmas Ornaments
 you maybe asking yourself, well you should know by now I never pass up the opportunity for a good craft project.  
I wanted to leave my family with a little prize for their Christmas Tree this year.
So although I wont be able to be there in person they can look upon these 
Ornaments I've made them and think of me, for I will surly be thinking of them.

One for each of them!!  
Inside these little dainty glass globs I put sand from the beach, 
some little shells and of course 
moss, along with some twigs.

All in all it was an AMAZING trip!!!
I had so much fun seeing what great adult my children have grown into.
It made me proud to be there mom!!!
I want to send out a big thanks to them all, for their hospitality and love.
You have all made me very happy!!


Diana said...

Hi Debbie,
Looks like you found some great treasures. I have that same fabric that you have as a backdrop for the doll. What beautiful pictues of that wave. I miss the ocean so much. Have a great evening.


Clare said...

Hi Debbie - what a wonderful trip you had. I agree there is something about the ocean, especially when it's a little cold. All those lovely bargains you found - can't wait to see what you do with them all. I love those thoughtful Christmas decorations - what a wonderful gift to make for your special family. Looks like you had a very special time - just what the soul needs.

oldgreymare said...

Your ornaments are divine. How incredibly special!

Take a bow Mom. Although your children worked hard to become who they are, you had a hand in it too <3

wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL post...thank you!!! xo

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