Friday, November 4, 2011

You make me GRATEFUL!!!

 My dear sweet grandson who is 20 months old has been staying with grandma (me) for the past week.  We have been having a blast, going to the park to swing, and taking walks.

But this morning was the best!!

Jackson woke this morning a little restless so I picked him up and put him in bed with me and grandpa, in hopes that we all might get a little more sleep.
Well it worked in the beginning, and we all got another hours sleep, before I was woken.
I was woken to the sound of lullaby's being hummed in my ear.
Then he picked himself up and placed his face right next to mine
eye to eye, he smiled and gave me a kiss.
I kissed him back, he laughed and then rested his head on my belly and continued to hum.

It was at that moment that I know there was know place on earth I would rather be.
There was nothing better that could compare to the love this sweet little boy was showering me with.

I was full of gratitude for all that I have been given.
I love that feeling as well, it lets me know that not only does my grandson love me
but so does my Heavenly Father.
I cherish these moments of clarity and gratitude.  
It helps to put my whole life in to perspective. 
My hope is that you can all go out and cherish your day and the ones you love.

All my love to you!!


rkbsnana said...

Precious. You are blessed.

Jo said...

That sounds like the prefect way to start a day!

Diana said...

What a precious story. So glad you have been spending time with your grandson.

susie said...

Heaven my friend, pure heaven!! I can almost hear his sweet hums...thanks for reminding me. I have also been trying to remember GRATITUDE!!!!

Charlene said...

Soooooooooo sweet are those little GRANDS! We don't call them GRAND for no reason! I have 5 little Grandsons & each is sooooooo special in his own way.

Thank you for your comments on my post about Laurie Anna's. That place is magic! I can't believe I have been to Canton so many many times & never checked that store out! WOW! Have a great week. HUGS!

Cheryl said...

What more on this earth could you ask for? Arn't our grandchildren such blessings, and that baby grandson of yours is too cute.
Hug Cxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh your grandson is darling and I love his name..Jackson!

xo Abby


Thanks so much for your recent visit and lovely comment on my blog...I sincerely appreciate it.

danielle daniel said...

Oh my goodness, he is absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine a better way to wake up. xox

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