Monday, December 26, 2011

Head spinning!!

Have you ever just woke up with your head spinning, so full of ideas you just feel like your going to explode?
I know this may sound strange but I  love it when that happens!!
Right away I will sit down and start sketching or writing.
I try to get all my thoughts, ideas, dreams every bit of it down on paper.
This way I can clear my mind as well as organize my future dream projects.

Well today I woke in just that state of mind.
I can't wait to get started on all sorts of new projects.
With Christmas now behind me and the New Year approaching, it is
time once again to set some goals, take on new techniques and
prepare to create new masterpieces!!

Oh and speaking of masterpieces, I want to share a few
I created for Christmas gifts.
And now with those gifts given I can share without spoiling any surprises.
For my daughters, sister and mother-in-law I made a few pieces of jewelry.

I just love etching, torching and twisting metal.
It's a great way to work out all your frustrations as well.
And lets not forget the buttons!!
I love collecting vintage buttons!!
I hit the mother load of buttons at a yard sale in Oregon.
Well it all started when I came across this little vintage jewelry box.
It reminded me of the one my grandmother use to have.

It was priced at $1.00, what a deal.  I just knew I could  paint one of
my little girlie's on the top.  I could give this little box a whole new second life.
But to my surprise when I lifted the ring tray it was full of ...

Vintage Buttons!!!
And yes they were included in the price!!
I was one happy Junk Junkie that day!!

I also created a few journals as well.

They all turned out so cute and colorful!!

 I must also tell you about one of my biggest most wonderful glittering prizes of all!!!

Can you believe it, aren't you just squinting from all the bling!!
Oh, did I mention it was all FREE!!
That's right my daughter's sweet mother-in-law offered them all to me.
Of course I jumped on that and in return I made her a bracelet out of some of the jewels.
There all so beautiful I just don't know where to start.
I tell you I know my dear sweet friend Diane Cook
would know just what to do!
You need to jump on over and take a look at her amazing creations.
She is a true Texas jewel!!!!

And I must brag on the amazing gift my daughters got for me this
I called my daughters and told them that Kelly Rae Roberts was doing a signing
of her work at the Woodburn Mall near them.
I encouraged them to take a ride over and meet her and see all the
beautiful art she creates.
Well they went and had a blast!!
   They called me later and told me all about their evening,
and about meeting
 Kelly Rae Roberts

Well those two sweet girls of mine knew just what to do!!
They bought me a one of her pictures and Kelly signed the front and the back.

Oh how I wish I could have been able to meet Kelly, but this was just as sweet!!!

So with the New Year approaching I have so much to look
forward to and so much creating to achieve .

I wish you all well and hope that the
New Year holds all the magic and passion
for life that you desire!!



Bohemian said...

Debbie first let me thank you for your sweet comments on my New Year Reflections Post!

I am LOVING all of your Jewelry Creations!!! WOW, what a Talent you have & the fact that it is a Joy to you makes the Creations reflect the Love you have of your craft! How generous of your Daughter's MIL to Gift you with all of those gorgeous Jewels... no wonder your head is spinning with Creative Ideas! *Winks*

Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

Diana said...

Hello there Debbie,
What an inspiring post. I Love all your creations. I have been in a "months" long creative slump and today I woke up with ideas just swimming in my head. I totaly get you on that one. I'm drooling over your bracelettes. They are so beautiful. I wish you a wonderful prosperous New Year and hope all your dreams come true.

wanda miller said...

oh my gosh debbie...what a wonderful, exciting post. i love kelly rae too and to send your girls...AND that they had such a wonderful exchange with her AND a signed art piece, be still your heart!
i LOVE your jewelry and had no idea...i love what you use and how you put it together, OUTSTANDING alone from others!
EVERYTHING you made, busy lady is stunning and precious as they were gifts. i wish you a wonderful new year brought in with those you love. xo

~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Oh My Debbie! You have Quite a Treasure of Bling!!Can't wait to see what you Make with them! I Love Kelly's Inspired Work!The Piece you have is Lovely!
Thank You for Your Visit. You are so Sweet!
Happy New Year!

Ro Bruhn said...

WOW What gorgeous treasures and such thoughtful daughters.

Diane said... have been so busy, and so blessed to receive and find all of those goodies! Yes, I know just how your head can spin just from seeing vintage rhinestones such as those =))

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