Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello Christmas, here I am!!!

The Christmas spirit has found me and non to soon!!!
My sweet baby girl is coming home to day!!
She is currently stuck in Reno Nv, her plan broke down.
This little mishap will only delay her two hours. 
That give me a little more time to get things in order for her arrival.

I also wanted to share a little Christmas cheer with you by way of the Coast.
I have always dreamed of living on the beach some where.  
I love the idea of decorating for Christmas in a Seaside Style.
I came across this beautiful web site and just had to share!!

These pics just stole my heart!!

I love, love, love them!!!
Thank you,
Completely- Coastal!!!

But lets not stop there, if you like White and Lacy things
come and take a peek at this Amazing treasure!!


So many yummy gifts to share by Rosemary!!

All these lovely ideas were a gift from one of my favorite blogs,


Hope you have in joyed the beauty and the richness of these Amazing Bloggers!!
It makes me just want to run down to the beach and get some sand between
my toes and chase some waves!!
Thanks for dropping by!!!
Happy Holidays!!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Ahh thank you! It is so nice to meet you. Merry Christmas. Enjoy every minute with your daughter. ox

wanda miller said...

a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you debbie. have a healthy blessed ONE! XOXO

Clare said...

Hi Debbie
What yummy pictures - I'm also a collector of beautiful pictures. The seaside at Christmas - mmm here it is just too hot and sticky, I prefer the mountains where is it cooler - but I do love seaside decor. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and that 2012 is filled with wonderful happiness and peace.

Beth said...

Happy Holidays to you too Debbie! So glad you will be with family and be reunited. : )

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