Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things are happening over here!!!

Boy oh Boy,
I've got the creative fever!!

Just look at this commissioned painting,

My dear sweet friend of many years contacted me on Sunday and this is the finished 
product on Monday!!
The painting is for her daughters 16th birthday.
I had so much fun painting this little girlie, 
that I just could not stop.
It all came along very quickly,

second a little drizzling and a sketch

next a little more paint

just waiting for a smile and some pretty eyes

I just don't know what has gotten into me!!
It feels GREAT!!
This little girlie will be delivered in February, 
and I'm working on a second one for her other daughter.
That one is not due till May but I'm already 
half way done.
(I'll share that one with you another day)

I am loving this creative little beast that has taken over my creative soul.
I have missed her!!

Maybe it's because of the e-course that I have been waiting
for has finally started.
The course is called:

"Hello Soul, Hello Business"

What an amazing course!!
I'm only two days into it and I have already seen big changes.
Changes in my Soul, 
and in my Creative Spirit!!

I thought I had lost my little creative spirit,
But she was there along, just waiting for me 
to remember the, 
"Why and the What"
all this creating is about!!!

This is how I always want to feel, 
just to GROOVY, for words.
I need to  remember to let myself out to play,
to wander, question and grow.

It's OK to be happy and enjoy life.
It's OK to be all that you dreamed you could be!!

That's my wish to you my friends!!
Now run along and play!!



Clare said...

Your girlie is lovely - I especially love the little caterpillar crawling on her arm, and then the butterfly, ready to fly with the possibilities of dreams - its so cute. The e-course sounds amazing - I wish I could do it too, but with our lousy exchange rate its beyond my budget- you will have to update me.

Creatively yours Fi said...

She's gorgeous! Wonderful seeing your process for a newby like me! I've heard a lot about this e-course! i want to be updated too :)) I promise I'll run along and play tomorrow. Thanks for sharing, Fi

rkbsnana said...

Awww, sweet painting. She'll love it. You were pretty darn cute in your shades and boots and your mom knew to capture it.

Cheryl said...

Debbie I am thrilled that you are feeling creative again and I love that paining - well done again. I have heard about that e course maybe I should take it up

Eydie said...


I’m not sure how I found you ... so glad I did.

Your art is so joyful and beautiful. I loved my visit with you.

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