Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little of this and that.

I've been feeling a little restless with my painting lately, 

Sometime I have to just walk away when I'm not feeling it and try something
Like sewing.
I have always had a passion for sewing.
So I whipped up a couple of wall hangings.

I liked the look of my "free heart" painting so much,  I thought I'd give it a try in fabric
and free motion sewing.

This wall hanging I call simply,
Again free motion sewing with my machine.
After I finished my wall hangings I got to thinking, maybe these hangers 
would make cute throw pillows.
With that in mind I tried out some more sewing.
I came up with four pillow cases that will be getting pillow fillers 
and button closures tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know after all this I still feel like something is just not clicking with me?
I guess that's just part of life in general.
We can't always be on stage, playing out our part, 
sometimes we just need to sit in the audience and enjoy life's performance.
Well I better get going I'm on in five,
dinner time!!
Thanks for letting me share my ramblings, it's very therapeutic!!
Remember to share your greatness with others!!
Much love!!


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Debbie, it's totally normal to feel restless sometimes...and yes the best thing to do is walk away from it for a while ~ take a break. I really adore all your gorgoeus pieces. THey are very beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

rkbsnana said...

I too love all your pieces and as a matter of fact think your unfinished balloon girl is sweet. Hang in there girl.

Baxter's Mom said...

I can totally relate...I feel like I've been a little off these past few days, too. I'm hoping that tomorrow will bring a new week...and re-newed energy!

Clare said...

The frustration of the creative life - you know what you want but somehow it eludes you, and it is so hard to pin down. I love the work you have produced here, I thought the girl was wonderful and sweet, with a powerful message. I think that it is something we just have to learn to sit with and sit through. Life doesn't always make sense or give us what we want but we have to stick with it. I love your free motion pieces. I always enjoy working with fabric - there is something very tactile about working in this medium. I like the colours you have chosen, subtle backgrounds and little pops of colour - with the swirly words.

dayleanne said...

great post - thanks for sharing.

SwirlyGirl said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words x

I love your girl with her balloon, and I like the way she is hanging on to her shoe! - looking forward to see how you progress with her. Your sewing projects are ace - particularly like Sing, its really beautiful. I've heard about free motion sewing, will have to give it a go sometime! doubt my results will look like yours tho!! :)

Isabel said...

Love the wall hangings and the paintings:O) Those are two things ive wanted to try is painting on plaster and free motion sewing:O)I too have to step away and come back to a painting:O) Thanks for the visit and sharing:O)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a wonderful artist you are......I LOVE your work...especially the FREE HEART.... very profound, I think.

Huggies and Lovies,

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