Monday, January 2, 2012

Feel the ENERGY!!

I have to tell you that I am just a buzz with ENERGY!!
I love the feel of a clean slate and fresh new start!!!

The world is my oyster and I am that shinny little pearl, destine for 

That is my word for 2012

I think we all have greatness in us that we don't even know about.  
That we have not even begun to tap into.
I want to take the time and opportunity this year to discover my greatness.
I want each stroke of my paintbrush to convey a heartfelt message.

I want to world to know that I am a TREASURE, and that I have much to share.

I want to DARE to be all that I can be!!

I want to feel the wind in my hair, maybe even a bug or two in my teeth.

I want to make all my dreams and wishes come true!!

I want to set my goals high because I can achieve anything I put my mind, heart and soul too.

So my dear friends take a minute to find your joy and share it!!
Let possibilities fill your hearts..
adventure stir your souls!!



Clare said...

What a special post - so positive and filled with hope and possibilities. I wish all these good things for you in 2012. There is something about saying 2012 that is so magical. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Your art is so positive and has a wonderful message to give us all - I'm this year it is going to reach many more people with it's special message. Yah heres to a great year!

Baxter's Mom said...

Hi Debbie! I just found your Blog...and so needed to see this, so needed to read this, and so need to feel this. I think this just the push I need...and in the right direction! I just had to back and read your blog uplifting and inspiring. Thanks

Creatively yours Fi said...

Wonderful inspiring blog, your photos are awesome & your art work. Thanks for sharing :)

Jen said...

I love your energy....your greatness! I can relate, because I feel that I have so much to share. It's time to start. A clean slate, fresh start. Thanks for sharing this post :-)

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