Sunday, August 21, 2011

Raised in a "BARN".

OK, this is it, it's time to just say it,

Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a Barn-aholic.

There its out in the open, I'm now free to share one of my deepest passions with you,

I happen to love the term "raised in a barn", I wish I had been "raised in a barn".

This last week I took a self guided tour of "Barn Country".  My husband and I, celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary at a friends house in beautiful little town of Eden.   While we were there we traveled through the quaint little towns of Liberty and Huntsville as well.  This part of the Ogden Valley has always had a deep history as a Farming Community,  and with that being said there are Old Barns galore.

It has always been a dream of mine to covert an old barn into a home with functional living space and lots of added windows.  So once I got back home to my little home in Holladay, I went straight to the computer to search the Internet for "Barn Homes."

I came across a couple of amazing builders and ideas for "Barn Homes".  One of my favorite builders is "New England Barn Company" 
another great builder is "Small Barn Homes, take a look at this  barn with 2000 sq ft living  space  

And you don't want to miss Uncle Howard's Barn homes, check out this floor plan,

And if you want to see a cost break down for a Barn Home built in Wa. just take a look at this,

By the looks of these homes I would be proud to say I was "Raised in a Barn."  So maybe the next time your taking a drive in the country, you might stop and appreciate that old barn with all new eyes.

Thanks for letting me share my dreams and hopes with you today.

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