Friday, July 29, 2011


OK, you may want to sit down for this or then again you may want to dance around and sing just like I did.

I can't believe it,  I have found my Mecca, the cows are coming home, pigs are flying and I heard a pleasantly plump lady singing.
That right, but just in case there is any misunderstanding, let me spell it out for you.


I have got to tell you I had such a great time and learned some beautiful layering and texturing techniques.  Our instructor, Lauri Girmshaw-Cox is such and positive and motivating person, a real joy  to be around.      She started our class out with a cleansing moment of deep breathing and relaxation.  She instructed us to leave all the hassle of the day at the door and only bring in positive energy with no judgment.  As a class there were 10 of us and we were all eager to get started.  
Lauri got right to business after the cleansing and a small introduction about herself ( and her goals for how she wanted the evening to progress.

The one thing I learned right away was the same thing I've been telling my husband for years, "Nothing is garbage, and it can be reused in a different project."  Finally I have been vindicated in this belief, I feel so free now.
So with music playing in the back ground we all watched as Lauri wheeled out her demo table and got to work.   She's a natural at teaching which made us all feel talented and in possession of great creative abilities.   She is the queen of re-purpose and reuse as well as  a lover of MOD PODGE (matte finish).  We used everything from round cotton face cleansing pads to colored toothpicks, bubble wrap, pieces of silk flowers, paper towels and wrapping tissue, anything to create texture and layers.  I know it may sound strange but when all put together with Mod Podge, paint and a lovely little quote, you end up with a beautiful piece of art.  
Now for the big unveiling, my project, enjoy!!

I had a blast and will be back next month for two more classes (  one on "Soldering a 2x2 beveled charm" and the other "Gypsy girl collage doll".  
I feel so grateful to be able to share my talents and to share in the talents of others.  My life has taken many turns of late and I find myself looking for a better me.  I took the big step and decided to go  College, I will be working towards a degree in Art Therapy.  It was for all these reasons that I chose the quote that I did:,
"The turning point in my life has come.
I am open and receptive, living a life I love."
--Louise Hay
These are truly words to live by, so always remember to take a deep breath and open your heart to creating with no judgement!! 
You never know ART may just be the therapy you didn't know you were looking for. 

Thank you for sharing in my 

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Cheryl De Beer said...

I agree there is nothing better than taking a class with like minded people and a teacher who is happy, motivated and confident. I love your art piece and the Louise Hay quote is perfect for it. So well done!

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