Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just having fun!!

I can't tell you just how much fun I have been having visiting all the different blogs that are participating in "Where bloggers create 2011".  I want to send out a big thanks to Karen at "My Desert Cottage" for all her hard work in putting this party together.
I'm down to the "D's" now and still going strong!!
If you would like to take a peek at some of the most amazingly talented bloggers just click on this link:
You wont be disappointed!!!

I've been fitting in a little art in-between viewing blogs, they are just so inspiring!!
This painting is my tribute to "The Royal Wedding Hat's" and just how silly they are.

I love hat's just as much as the next gal, but some of those hat's cracked me up.

I've collected hats for sometime now,  I've made bird houses out of them,

I decorate with them,

I sew ribbon flower on them,

So I guess you could say I'm mad about hat's.  It must run in the family because my grandson love them as well!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hat's off to you!!!


Jan E O said...

Hats off to you girlfriend. Love the bird house hats. I love hats too and have some really cool vintage ones. One is green with fake cherries on it. Always thought it was kinda Minnie Pearl but now I think it might be Royal Wedding. Just became a follower because you are a crack up.

Holly Loves Art said...

I just love your artwork! The girls in the fancy hats are mavelous! Have a great weekend.

Cheryl De Beer said...

Hahha weren't some of those hats at the Royal Wedding something else - what I want to know is how some of them stay on - do they glue them on??? Hat are huge here. Every wedding,evey garden tea, or event and the ladies wear hats. I love hats, but don't look good in them at all. I love how you paint!

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